Paladin accessibility - can't play the class


My friend wants to try the paladin but can’t physically raise his hand above his shoulder… Can there be an option to activate that move some other way? Like hold the hammer vertical in front of you for 2 seconds or something? It would be greatly appreciated if not too much work. Thanks in advance!

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Haven’t tried pally myself yet, but I’d assume you can equip the hammer to either hand, could they maybe use their non-dominant arm? That’s what I did for musketeer as I have issues with one arm. Or is it that they couldn’t use either arm?
Some mechanics might be a little flexible, I realize it’s impossible to check now, but maybe raising their hand just to the shoulder, like bending the elbow only and keeping the shoulder relaxed? Almost like laying the weapon on the shoulder, but holding it upright?


cant you just rotate your wrist upwards and then flick it downwards? like hammering a nail. I don’t think you actually have to roleplay thor to get the class to work correctly. I don’t think the physics match accurately with Mjolnir so I think he will be okay with a little wrist flicking action.


Thank you both for the ideas, we’ll try them out next beta. Hope J is right, as it seemed like a mechanic that was supposed to activate upon the geometry lining up above the shoulder, but if you can just put it straight up anywhere around you as well, or right on your shoulder, that’d solve my buddy’s issue😀

Can we get a dev to confirm the required motion for activating it?


You definitely have to raise it pretty high to activate it currently. I do think that should be lowered myself. The holding it vertically idea is nice too.


Good idea, got trouble with my shoulder as well and this move, done continuously, is also pretty exhausting, killed me after couple levels, forcing me to another class.


Hi everyone, we appreciate the feedback on this. For the time being, we’re going to lower the height requirement for the gesture so that it be a more comfortable thing to do and less physically straining, and we’ll think if there’s anything else we can do as an alternative later on.


Thank you so much! That’ll definitely help. Does it need to be directly above the shoulder or just at a certain height?

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