Paladin bug. Tank swap denied


Turns out the paladin tankbuster Shield also blocks any attempt to tank swap, makes horn do litterly nothing.


That must be new… I’ve never had any issues before, IIRC


Became more noticeable in the hardmode raid. it’s a 1.5 sec window

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Well, if you were to taunt right after the hitanimation has started towards a warrior tank it would also do practically nothing as the warrior would get Agro back from the shield hit.


I dont think its related to hits. I took the hit with damage reduction, the horn went off, did not touch the boss, and he just went on attacking me. This happened 3 times as I was saving the reduction for last.

I then used it for a earlier hit and the swap worked without a problem


not saying it’s related, just saying we have something similar for warrior that adds a bit in the way that you have to use your taunt at the right time, not just any time.