Pally Ground Slam Harder?

I believe this is a new thing since the update with the dungeon release and wanted to see if it was intentional or not.

It is harder to ground slam than previously. I played around with my height and even at a reasonably low height, I still have to go extra low to ensure a ground slam happens. At first I thought it was just me and my play space being weird. After asking in discord and playing more it seems it is not just me this is happening to.

This is an interesting change because I’m not sure what the intended behavior is. Are we supposed to be able to ground slam without bending over or not? It is definitely going to be a change as ground slam is the go to to get rid of pips, and if it is more difficult to do, play styles will need to be changed.

My discord poll was definitely not statistically significant :sweat_smile: so also looking for feedback from other tanks in the game.

I’m more using this post as documentation for a behavior change in game that I didn’t see in the release notes.


For me this is more of a problem on pc than quest 2, but it is definitely noticeable.

During certain mechanics I now default to frantically smashing the ground, which can sometimes be detrimental to my aggro because of accidental double groundslam.

There was no change to this mechanic recently. Are you noticing this everywhere or just the new dungeon? I know the terrain in there is a lot more terrainy(?) bumpy(?) not sure if that’s leading to some weird collision checking.

I don’t do much overworld so can’t speak for sure. I noticed it in Citadel though and again in Sewers. On the last boss of the new dungeon, I actually have to lift myself higher because in some of the incline, the wave is like above my head/ harder to see? So its definitely harder then. Again I’d be at that height previously and not had any issues with ground slamming I now have to be like artificially lower.

Someone else commented that crescendos are also harder to pop? Almost like you have to hover longer to get them to pop rather than prior just being able to like tap. Haven’t checked if this is true for more people but idk if this is one of those just like global tick rate of check or something changed and it affects classes differently.

OK, this seems to have fixed itself? IDK! Now I think I was crazy but it was also just something I hadn’t experienced. Maybe it was high load? Or IDK but today and yesterday ground slams seemed back to normal.

I don’t think I changed anything and only thought it wasn’t me because other people commented similar things :sweat: sorry!

Seems to be a latency issue for me. They will not register/double register the ground slam when I’m experience latency issues.

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