Pally Super + Plea of Divinity Bug Is Back

I am not sure what changed on the back end with the new Highsteppe patch.

It seems to have brought back the pally bug though.

The bug:

If you have the Plea of Divinity orb active on your hand, you cannot use your super (at all) even though it has also spawned on your hand.

The only way to get rid of this is to give the rez-buff to a player. Which gets rid of the Plea orb, but also uses up your super immediately (wasting the heal).

This bug makes Plea of Divinity actually harmful during a fight as it is preventing a tank from healing using their super.

Please haaaaaalllp!


We’ll take a look at what’s going on here and if can get a fix in, but was this something that appeared fixed previously? I searched through our notes and didn’t find a mention of this issue in the past.

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I’ve actually had this happen without Plea. There have been a few times where I’ve had my super available and just been unable to use it (even without Plea). I think the Super can just be bugged sometimes? I honestly have no idea why. Because it should be available, I see it available and am just unable to activate/ put it on my hand.

It might be similar to where like others could see it on my hand but I couldn’t? IDK but its happened a few times where it would have been nice to have a super and I’ve been sad I couldn’t activate it.

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This used to happen all the time whether you had Plea of Divinity or not.

If you did not have the talent selected the only way to ‘fix’ it was to relog. (You would get a blue orb & then a gold orb on your hand and be able to use neither).

If you had the talent selected the ‘fix’ was to put the rez on someone and waste your super.

I mentioned it in bug reports & direct emails. This is just the first forum post.

And yea, during the one of the HM citadel patches it seemed to be fixed. (It was shortly after one of my emails/bug reports about it if you want to see what code could have made the change).

Thought you had figured out the issue and fixed it. :sweat_smile: