Parchment idea. Paper for note Takeing and info sharing

So I noticed that explaining spells to other players. Or remembering how to get places in foot can be difficult if you can’t draw it or write it down to give them. To remember later when you are not online, and in a game like this something like edit able Parchment paper could be a useful tool.

Being. Able to draw or write down things to save for later and share it would be a grait. It would also help players who like to take notes on thier locations like monster spawns and reagent node spawns. Also for people like me I can use it to leave a note for myself remember what I was doing last time I was online


This is a sweet idea.

Notes would be good, but I’m not sure how best to make the notes, as I’m not at my keyboard when playing…

Actually writing, and storing the graphics of written text would likely be too much data to store. A virtual keyboard that you poke with your virtual finger would be clunky. Any ideas for an interface?

i figured by the time the game releses a better keybord UI would have been made
but one UI i know would work best is the one Anyland uses for a keybord

perhaps Designing a UI specific to editing parchment would work
or setting up a printing press?

This is a great idea if you don’t want people using external comm apps

This is certainly not true. This would literally be kilobytes of data. This is a trivial amount of data to store and use. The hard part is its implementation.

I think there are 3 ways this is done best:

  1. Have a workstation in the player home where you can make notes and junk.

-This suffers from being too far away from the action. As such, not very practical.

  1. Have an Inkwell (or similar item) to equip as a tool, just like potions and the gathering tool, that has a pen or paintbrush you can grab. Similarly, have a piece of parchment (also a tool) that you can grab and write on with the pen, and can trade with other players.

-Better usability, but harder to implement.

  1. Keep the inkwell/pen from point 2, but have your player journal be the parchment, and have extra blank pages you can keep personal notes on. This can be expanded upon by having the ability to “rip out” those pages and keep them as trade-able items.

-This is likely the best option since you can already position the player journal as you need and just literally start writing on it. Similar to how you grab the corners to turn pages in the journal, perhaps grabbing the top corners, or maybe the top end of the spine, would be an ideal place to tear it out. Perhaps you only have a certain number of rip-able pages in the journal, and need to buy more to replace it.

It doesn’t need to be super fancy. Literally a makeshift VR version of paint just layered over the player journal is more than sufficient.

With all that we would need a method for duplicating them for fellowship newsletters and stuff like that also I think each page should cost some thing like maybe some qweens ear or get special recourses for it.

I wouldn’t mind being able to make hand written notes in the spell book / journal. just add a quill to the game.


The quill could be attached to the player journal, like on the top or one of the sides. or even on the spine (visible from the top).

But I would be concerned about storage space . As well as if shareable with other players, obscenities.

well realistically no matter what you do people are always going
to be jerks no matter the medium.
however, a way to mitigate this kind of damage would be to have the creator’s name
put onto the object

Example: parchment: monster list
By Xaviarsly

Ink as a player crafted commodity could be pretty cool. Player run libraries too. Would definitely need a report button next to the name on the item though.

i figured guild halls would have a built in librairy

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Well, storing the text itself takes literally bytes of data. That’s a few orders of magnitude less information to store. WoW allows in-game mail, but limits the size of each mail, how many mails you can have in your box, and automatically expires them. When you multiply each document up by how many each player might make, and how many players you have, the data requirements can become cumbersome.

We also need to consider how inefficient handwriting would be just in terms of size on the page. Printed text is way, way smaller on a page than handwritten text. Especially writing with your whole arm, rather than your fingers.

When I write in the Vive, either in Tilt Brush, or in VR Home, the letters are always pretty big. We’d have to write it then shrink it for it to be usable. Or write on 6 foot tall pages, and have it automatically shrunk.

I think a cool solution would be to write documents offline for use in the game. Have a personal library on, add to/modify it there and access it in-game. It would be far easier for players to create and organise.

Some form of note-taking while in game would be nice too, but if I was going to write myself some help files for use in-game, I’d rather do the creation offline.