I bring this up for the love birds or besties out there x3

Interested in seeing how people feel about this one. I know a few people in-game who play with their bf/gf. There could be a way that they can share things and stuff.

Player houses namely since that’s the only thing I can see. Or maybe sharing missions and mission progression.

There are a look of mature people that play and some younger people. So I’m interested in feedback as always x3


You can share last names with your wife/GF/BF/BFF/kid. My wife and I share a in game last name. Also if you create a family Guild, you could use the hall to share. Also you could dye your gear matching colors. My guild use to have guild colors.


it would be very cuite a family guild

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Huh, I never thought of that. That’s very cute x3

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