Party Mission Tab - Suggestion

Hi All,

After spending some time with the game for the past (2) weeks I have come to realize that a lot of the names for enemies are super similar (especially in the beginning area). This causes confusion when trying to find the same monsters to kill for each players mission. That being said after a few days you get to know the locations and names.

My suggestion here is more about missions and missioning (made that word up) together. It would be great if you are in a party and you could see missions your party mates have. An easy fix for this would be when a party is made if (2) of the same people have the same mission it would highlight blue or red in the missions tab. Allowing you to successfully work on the same mission with out messing up which monsters need to be slain for each player. Or maybe the mission shows a number when in a larger party saying how many people have that mission. Something along those lines.

Likewise maybe a missions sub tab could be used to show the collective missions when in a party.
Also having the option to turn this off as well would be good for those that like to solo.
Either way would work fairly easy I think. Any thoughts?


That’s a great idea, especially for lower level players who are trying to explain their missions to other people, this way they could just join the party and the other party members could see which missions they have. On/off button so you can change if party members can see what missions you have is a good idea, as i have some mischievous friends who would kill any monsters that i have as a mission just to piss me off XD

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Exactly on both fronts lol. Keep those friends close… but not too close ;).

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When I am helping starting players with missions I mainly ask what level mission and from who.
Based off that I know which mobs they need to kill.

Being almost lvl 30 on my first character I still forget where each mob is. Need more in game time to have this kind of knowledge.

Same, i still think that the party tab is a good idea, especially since not every player is capable of memorizing the location of every mob, and not every newbie is capable of adequately describing their missions.

or pronounce it correctly

I doubt pronunciation is the issue here. It comes down to multiple enemies having very similar names.
The similar names makes sense because the enemies… well… they look similar lol.

For instance in Highsteppe, almost all of the monsters start with STA, like stafrusher, which can be very confusing for new players.

It’s all about that Snehopotep

Spehothept im pretty sure

Steppyhoptip no?

I think it’s stephotp

Pronouncing it correctly isn’t an issue if it is a mission, just ask what level mission it is.

I think its shneftoteptoniusstoptinius

Best reply so far!!!

Even if I know what level the mission is and the name it’s not like I’m tracking this in a log. Still wouldn’t know a strfrusher from a strafrihsa lol.

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if you’re wondering pronunciation its “sh neft o tep tonius stop tinius”

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