Patch 15.01- Character Update, Fall Festival

Today at 11 AM CST we will be putting out patch 15.01 with the Character update as well as the Fall Festival patch. If your looking to see a more in depth breakdown of the update you can check HERE. When you first log in you will be able to re-make your character with a free refresh we are adding onto everyone’s account, so be sure to check out the new styles! By default the eye and mouth animations will be set to disabled, so you will need to go into your player menu, graphical settings and toggle that to enabled to see the new animations. Setting this to enabled will turn the animations on for everyone around you, but does not effect if other players see your animations or not.

To start the Fall Festival events speak to the “Festival Glodgoren” outside the main Highsteppe gate to start the questline, as well as the Festival Farmer located near Pierre Cenns critter capture shop. While there Pierre also has a new mission you can grab to catch the Snatchers running about and earn yourself a new pet snatcher.

If you complete all the quests for the Fall Festival you can earn a new Bat Teleporter, a Broom Mount to fly around on, the Skjelhod Head and Glodgoren Gloves, as well as a new snatcher pet, Bone Chandelier for your player house, and a cape to show off your accomplishment!

Note: The server will be down for around 15 minutes today during the patch while we update the refresh token for everyone.

Patch Notes:

  • Added fall festival quests and rewards
  • Updated terrain and props for fall festival
  • Added new character eyes,ears,nose,mouths,hair options
  • Added animations for eyes blinking and mouth moving when speaking
  • Added free character refresh to player accounts
  • Added a possible fix for the Musketeer turret re spawning issues when previously deployed

What is the lore reason that we can have four eyes now?

Judging by the fact we don’t have legs or arms and that is cannon we’re probably not human so what ever we are can probably have 4 eyes

After I look at the eyes I might make a Theory about them

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Actually I asked daynab, it’s because of radiation. It’s all those dips into the Wasteland lakes I’ve done


That’s interesting if we’re mutating that means the radiation is trying to turn us into a god of chaos, we know this because in on of the description of one of the kill quests for starfrushers it states that the radiation is turning them into gods of chaos which is why there mutating. The radiation also make you more violent so this might be bad for us. This is only a theory tho it would be better to know if it is also affecting the scavs the same. This information could also debunk the theory that we are gods of chaos we’ll have to wait for more information

Ninja nerfed lair loot drops. First no grinder rares. Now nothing. What gives. What should I be doing now.

Edit: left raid on

Does there happen to be a timeframe for the new legendary transmogs from shards? Very curious :slight_smile:


I ran through five times yesterday and got 17 Glimmering and 68 major shards. That’s around what I normally get when I run through. (note I do not have maxed out luck) I will run a few more times to test it out a bit more, but I don’t think they touched the loot table. I think you might have just had some bad luck.


I can’t use the “Change” functionality yet. It tells me that my name, that has 2 parts, is already taken when trying to save the changes. But I can’t edit it, nor does it show the whole name in the change menu.

Just checking, you’re not trying to change your name, it’s just telling you it’s already taken when changing the appearance of your character?

You are correct, it’s the latter!

PM me with your character name, it’s a rare bug where I have to change your character name temporarily until you change your appearance, then I can change it back.

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