Patch 3.37 (Server/Client Patch)

In about 30 minutes we’ll be restarting the server to issue Patch 3.37 on both the server and the client. In particular, this patch:

  • Has numerous fixes for reported crash-causing events.
  • Fixes two of the cinematics in the game which were broken by the patch yesterday.
  • Fixes an intermittent bug where sometimes the Autorun feature wouldn’t work when your class weapon was out.
  • Adds in some behind-the-scenes logging for us to track down some issues with Affixes, as well as logging in-game interactions such as trades and Market Stall purchases, to pave the way for some interesting reports down the road.
  • Fixes a bug which required you to rest your thumb on top of the Oculus Rift controller joystick before you could move.
  • Fixes a bug where the archer’s trap explosion sound was firing multiple times when it exploded.
  • Adjusts the difficulty of the Elongata fight a little. We want it to be a 10+ person fight, not a 7+ person fight. You’ll probably need to bring at least one more Musketeer for healing than you were before, and seed pods are now fired more frequently and do more damage.
  • The drop rate of Epic-level gear off of the Aberrations in the Wilds has been slightly increased.

We’ve noticed that a lot of folks are spending time farming Elongata to get gear, which is totally great and we love to see that group content being run. However, we did want to make sure that the difficulty was at a place commensurate with the reward, and we want it to be a 10+ person fight, not a 7+ person fight.

In addition, we want to provide a little more incentive to consider farming in the Wilds if you have a 5-person group, so we increased the chance that a drop off of an Aberration will be an Epic-level roll.

Finally, we will be making some changes to our end-game itemization strategy in preparation for the Tradu Mines releasing in Content Patch One. Basically since the dungeons weren’t in at launch, it kind of led to a weird thing where we had to put Tier 1 loot on the World Bosses, and it wouldn’t make much sense for that to the be the same loot that is available in the first round of end-game dungeons. We’ll give more details on that as we approach the launch of Content Patch One. But the short story is basically, farm the World Bosses or the Aberrations to your heart’s content, and then the Tradu Mines will have a little better loot waiting for you when they come out in a few weeks.


Awesome!! Challenge accepted!

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Yes! I am super excited for the market stall logging :smiley: (I know im weird)


The client should now be available to download on Steam and Oculus, and the server restart is completed. Thanks!

i have a question!! my fellowship is quite full (lvl 3 20 players max)
however, i keep getting requests from players who wish to join and its very difficult to say no
to people who wish to join our cause

it has gotten to the point where i had to make honorary members on our discord
So i ask will the content patch add more guild levels? i really hope so because i don’t like separating guild members from honorary members and i would really like to let as many people join as there are people
who want to join

Fellowships go up to Level 5, which has 30 members max. I’m not anticipating us increasing that limit.

We’ll add the ability to upgrade to Level 4 and 5 pretty soon here (probably in the next week or so).

Also it takes 300,000 Fellowship XP to go tot Level 4 and 1,000,000 Fellowship XP for Level 5.


Will the ability to upgrade the fellowships to level 4 and 5 be added soon?

I think you can actually already do it, the Fellowship Registrar just doesn’t say it. If you have enough XP and a certificate just hit the upgrade button and it should work.

We are already Lv4, is Lv5 already available? How high are the XP requirements?

1,000,000 Fellowship XP for Level 5.

Thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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