Patch 4/30/20- Bug Fixes

We have a patch going out today fixing some of the bugs from the DLC launch

  • Fixed Crabbit Clues pages to hide hands when holding
  • Moved Spawner of monster farther from NPC Crabbit
  • Updated rare items gained through treasure chest to trade able
  • Updated micronizer tool to weight of 0
  • Added Title “Treasure Hunter” to achievement “Treasure Hunter II”
  • Updated icon for crated items from tinkerer crafting and Grinding device to be different from over world rare drop icon
  • Fixed a bug where it would enable sliding locomotion when using shrinking tool
  • Fixed a bug where players would appear small to other players after shrinking
  • Fixed the longer loading times when transitioning between zones
  • Fixed the perks board showing blank in player house
  • Fixed bug with Capture Moonfly event causing some issues for players with displaying progress bar
  • Fixed an issue where instance shards wouldn’t display in the activities -> shards menu

Known issues:

We have had a few reports of players being attacked by “invisible” monsters on Quest, we are still investigating this issue.

There are some instances where the Fog and Lighting from the mini-zones carries over when transitioning to other zones (like Highsteppe city).

There are some instances where the Player Compass will show large arrows on top of the compass when holding it after shrinking down.

We’re investigating an issue certain players are experimenting with the “Patrol The Fields II” quest and are looking for more information here.

EDIT: Client side patches now available, server restart will be around 12 PM CST (Noon)


I’m loving the communication lately! Keep it up you guys, you’re killing it.

Also regarding this, would it be possible to keep the dark fog in Highsteppe at night or something in the future? It looks REALLY cool at night with the lit up windows in the distance.


Yay! Blue weight gang sends their thanks! One of the newer tinkering teleport devices are also 0.1 weight while the rest of the teleport devices are 0 weight so might want to fix that too, and totally them fishing rods too lol :grin:

Client Side patches now available!

Server should be restarted and patch is live.


this also goes for Scoundrel’s cards where they are extreamly big

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And the Lantern…:yum:

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