Patch 5.69 (Server/Client)


Is it for anyone else, If they die all there stuff is set to zero till you go to your grave?


Sounds like your weapon completely broken when you died, when you get your grave you get a percentage of the durability back (5% I think) which will fix your weapon and put you back to your correct level


Sadly they go from max to zero on death, I’ve checked each time


I guess I meant, if it becomes something that affects Fishing itself. I can see what you mean about the HP though. I will consider that.


I’m pretty sure I overheard some fellowship members say that they all got one-shot by a mage’s arcane blast while fishing in the wilds. 5x players were killed by 1 arcane blast…seems a little dangerous to fish in the wilds unless you are a lvl 20 fisherman


Yeah, the HP is the primary reason to level fisherman right now since it makes it possible at least in theory to survive at least one hit in the wilds.

Right now it is possible to arcane blast fisherman from behind and kill them all before they can turn around.

It would be even cooler if it became faster to fish at higher levels, but it’s the same problem with not having defense on the quest gear. Staying alive with super low health and zero way to defend yourself is a big part of fishing mechanics right now.


Even surviving an hit you will die immediately after because you can’t switch class in combat, being attacked as a fisherman is a death sentence no matter the level.


I think fisherman should be allowed to switch classes in combat, and should not be slowed when struck. They should also have a slightly bigger health pool.


I think an easier fix would be to have a 10 minute timer for anyone that kills a fisherman.


I don’t know, that only deals with part of the problem. Basically the only tactic allowed a fisherman is escape, so there should at least be a chance for survival. I am sure most would be happy to wait 10 minutes in the wilds for 60 legendary fish. Changing the health pool to bigger, and changing whether a fisherman can be considered “in combat” to false are both extremely trivial code changes.


You get oneshotted Most of the times as a fisher, you wont have the chance to switch gear i guess


Note my note about increasing health pool, and also putting defense numbers back on the armor would make sense too.

Let’s think about it, a fisherman is generally a rugged individual, and in this game someone whose only option is to escape. They shouldn’t go into combat status, because those don’t go into combat.


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