Patch 5.7 (Sprint Six) Patch Notes


Hey everyone,

Later today we’ll be introducing Patch 5.7, which contains our content for Sprint Six. We already released a blog post previewing most of the new content a few days ago, so be sure to check that if you want the high-level overview. For the nitty-gritty details, here are the patch notes:

General Patch Notes

  • The Highsteppe zone’s static assets (such as buildings) have been re-worked to better match our new art style.
  • Several new quests have been added to the game which take place in the new Necropolar zone. To begin them, you must have completed the quest “Faction Hero,” then speak with Markos.
  • While in the Necropolar zone, you will receive a stacking debuff called Deep Chill, which does slowly increasing amounts of damage. Sitting by the fires spread throughout the zone will clear the debuff.
  • The Player Chest in your Player House can now be upgraded to unlock two additional tabs for 10,000 and 100,000 dram respectively. To upgrade it, just select tab 6 and 7 and press the Upgrade button.
  • The Pack Mule and Finely Aged Concentrated Healing Potions are now both fully working as intended. The Pack Mule potion will increase the base amount of weight you can carry in your inventory for 1 hour (up from 20 minutes).
  • We’ve re-worked some of the internal client-side networking in the game to move sending packets off the main thread. This should result in performance improvements and hopefully fix some disconnect and desync bugs as well.
  • Invisibility Potions will now break on the wearer if any damage is done or received. This was always how it was intended to work. We may in the future add some counter-play to this potion (such as a potion that allows you to detect invisibility), and if we do that we may change this back, but for now we fixed it to work according to the original intent.

PvP Mechanics

  • The Warrior’s Shield Slam now causes a 90% slow on enemy player targets for 2 seconds. In addition, all buffs on the target that have a remaining duration of less than 10 seconds are cleared.
  • The Runemage and Musketeer Decurse abilities will now clear 1 friendly buff from enemy player targets. Note that many long-term buffs such as those from potions (e.g. +Strength, Pack Mule, etc.) cannot be decursed.
  • The Ranger and Musketeer’s Poison abilities now apply an additional effect onto enemy player targets which reduce their incoming healing by 15%, which can stack up to 5 times. The additional effect lasts as long as the base Poison effect.
  • Bandits can no longer initiate trades with other players.
  • The new logout system will prevent bandits from logging out for the duration of their remaining bandit timer, or 5 minutes, whichever is shorter.
  • The Trickster’s Chest will now spawn in the Wilds on a set schedule. Note that the schedule is based around in-game time.

A note on Player Slow effects

Slow effects on Players in combat reduce the speed at which your Stamina bar regenerates. That means if you have a full Stamina bar and are slowed by 90%, you can still teleport away or sprint using up your existing Stamina. However, if you Slow someone who has just teleported or used up their stamina bar while sprinting, they will be much more vulnerable. This gives a natural defense against slow effects to players who make smart decisions about when to use up their Stamina bar and when to save it to escape.

Pet Mechanics

  • We’ve introduced the Happiness rating to Dragon Pets, which you can increase by petting your Dragon once every 5 minutes, or by feeding it a Pet Treat. Happiness will slowly degrade over time whenever you Dragon is equipped.
  • At this time, we are delaying the implementation of the Dragon Happiness Bonuses while we consider and re-work those based on the community’s initial feedback. We should have them out the door later this week.
  • Dragons have gained a much higher speed, so they should be able to follow their owners more closely.
  • Haptic feedback for petting Dragons will now no longer trigger when the Player is in combat.

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So basically even with the poison reducing healing by 15% it won’t be enough to balance it. With a T10 charged strikes bow a musketeer can stand still and not dodge, and just heal through all dps. Once they start dodging, effectively 75% of all dps can be nullified
It is also still possible for a musket to not have to dodge and still be able to heal through as well, but will need testing


Ah bummer I was excited for the dragon buffs. Ah well thanks for all the new content. Lots of good stuff here.


3 words: I (FREAKIN) LOVE YOU!


I would encourage everyone to actually test the new PvP mechanics before giving feedback on them. We’re totally willing to change those numbers as feedback comes in, but obviously you need to actually play it first.


Kamina don’t knock it until you try it lol! It might turn out okay!


Nice. This was a very needed fix.


Any additional info about the schedule? Will the chests spawn in all the wilds at the same time or a different wilds depending on time?


Awesome update! I can’t wait to dive into it!

Quick question: Is an additional “Tab” of inventory the same as getting a second chest, or is it like getting an additional page of storage? (Hmm, I guess with the reference to 6 and 7, it would be the latter)


@Riley_D from reading this it sounds like bandits will not be able to trade with anyone at all while they are a bandit. Does this also affect when they are “recently bandit”? Just curious if I go out to the wilds and pvp if I will no longer be able to trade with people once back in highsteppe.


Questions I have:

-What about if you are a non-bandit in the wilds, can they instantly log out or will they have a 30 second timer?
-Did you fix it so mages frost can actually slow targets?
-As a mage what happens if your not in combat with an enemy and you hit them with a decurse, will that take off their buff or do you have to attack them first?
-Was tradu crypt shard dungeon lvl 9 added?
-Can bandits trade with other bandits?


There is only one chest that spawns, it is always in the same spot. It is once every other in-game day.

Yes, it’s a tab, which is 40 more slots.

You cannot trade with anyone at all when you have an active Bandit timer. So being Orange is fine.

Sorry, I forgot to add that. Everyone in the Wilds has a 30 second logout timer, even if they are not a bandit.

See the note above about how Slow affects players. Frost works the same way.

That will take off their buff, but not currently put you in combat. We may make a change there, we’ll see.




Wow ! What a nice idea. Congrats to whomever taught of that. Seems like a really nice thing to play around. Can’t wait to see small packs of people moving from fire to fire.

Suggestion : Make it so we can bring torches just like in cave dungeons so the group can move with someone who debuff everyone in a radius on the go.


Does that mean it’s always in the same wild or it picks a random wilds and put a chest in the determinated spot?


It’s always the exact same spot in the world. It’s supposed to be fought over, so basically everyone who wants a shot at it is going to know exactly where to be.


Totally wanted to call in sick today to be there for the patch drop! Sadly I will be doing critical systems infrastructure work today and will not be able to play until this evening.

Thanks for dropping more content on us Dev Team! Way to keep us hooked. :smiling_imp:

Looking forward to the dragon pet bonuses later this week!

By the way, I don’t think the whole community should suffer just because one or two people don’t approve of the pet bonuses.


We decided after internal discussion to keep the bonuses but to shift away from anything that would be combat-affecting. They will still definitely be worth having I think.


Will you still consider dragons having an ability to pick up combat loot for us even though it’s combat related?


So… if everyone is supposed to know exactly where and when it’s going to appear… where and when does it appear? :slight_smile: