Patch 5.7 (Sprint Six) Patch Notes


Finally got out of the wilds and had a chance to see the new highsteppe, looks really cool. The only wrong thing i noticed was the sign inside the door:


How do I get up to the top of the bell tower!?


^ Yeah let us open that door!


havent seen any mention of it yet but with this update the load screens are taking significantly less time to load and its amazing, great job dev team <3


Glad to hear the loading screens are better for you! :slight_smile:


There is a new patch going out this morning with a few changes:

  • With the new logout timer system, if you receive damage or cause any damage to others, the logout timer will cancel.
  • Bandits can no longer apply enhancements (including dyes, shard affix re-rolls, etc.) while they are a Bandit.

The patch will go out later this morning. Thanks!


The Major Mutations have also been updated, for this week they are Vindictive and Discontent. Thanks!


Good fix but not sure this will completely solve the problem. Any movement should cancel the timer, otherwise if you are in the wilds and you see someone, you could just hit the logout and start running for 30 seconds.


Is it not possible to have different levels of damage for PvP vs PvE? Like everyone getting a buff against muskies? That way it doesn’t affect PvE.


I think thats not bad, it gives incentive to be a little more stealthy if you’re trying to gank someone.


The whole point of the wilds is that they are dangerous and you shouldn’t be able to exploit your way out of it.


Will this be coming today? Any news on what the bonuses are going to be?


It’s going to be Monday, it’s done but we didn’t get it done soon enough for me to want to push it out today ahead of the weekend and risk introducing new bugs.

The bonuses that are planned right now are Teleportation Cooldown, Auto-Harvesting nearby resource nodes, and Auto-Looting nearby loot.


Can you already tell us what the radius in meters of “nearby” is?
These buffs sound great!


These are really cool! Thank you for going the extra mile to make sure that the pet bonuses are unique and fun!


Currently, the auto loot doesn’t really have a radius per se, as long as you get a drop it’ll go and pick it up.
The auto harvest however has a small radius of about 5 feet so that your dragon won’t just gather everything on sight and beat other players to the punch. You can just run through/past harvestables and it’ll gather them on the way.


Cool. A bit overpowered because of the competition it would have with other players in my opinion. I think Auto-loot (picking up mob drops), increased weight limit, and teleportation cooldown are the better options for the dragon breeding benefits. As these are more like conveniences. I would suggest these instead (See edit though).

How do two dragons react to nearby harvestables? And have you guys tested out loot bags in the wilds? Does it pick up players bags, make the player a bandit when the conditions is right?

Edit: if the radius is small enough then it is okay. :grinning:
Run through them, means I don’t have to have pickaxe on belt!


Please keep these! They sound awesome!


Are the competition for harvestable intended, or any chance that it can be changed into unique/player, like the normal loot bags?(Outside of the wilds)


If two dragons try to go for the same harvestable, the first one to pick it up wins, as you’d expect.
Dragons won’t interact with player death loot in the Wilds, so you’ll still have to do that personally.

It’s a thought, but would imply a huge rebalance of the harvest economy as well and not something we’re looking at at the moment.