Patch 6/2/2020- Patch 11.58

We will have a patch going out later today (Should be around 1PM but will update with specific time), with some QOL changes and also a few fixes.

  • Updated tool weights to be more consistent across the board :small_blue_diamond:
  • Added a deposit all ingredients to the Tinkerer station :small_blue_diamond:
  • Added basic fellowship chest permission system :small_blue_diamond:
    • For leaders and officers to grant permissions, you open the Fellowship member list, select the name, and you then grant permission.
  • Updated light spell to make it stick for a short period of time
  • Friends list now sorts by players online first :small_blue_diamond:
  • Fixed fireworks spell SFX
  • Updated Spiderling and Dreadfang dye to be sell able to app smith
  • Made some changes to how we receive Player Reports from in game, to allow us to better access to these reports

:small_blue_diamond: indicates a feature or improvement suggested by the community

Edit: Patch will be going out around 1 PM


Is this 0 for all tools? :grin:

Should be 0 for the ones that were listed in a post discussing it a little while ago to make it consistent with the other 0 weight ones.


Does this include J balls ?
They weigh 1lbs each.

Also , yay on pretty much all of those updates โ€ฆ love that my sticky light is back.

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Is there a client side patch or is it just a server side update?

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Patch should be available for download now.

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Server should be live.

Yes, they are now 0 weight! :grin:

Blue weight gang stronger than ever :blue_heart:


can anyone inform me on the firework fix will it make it easier to cast or a whole change of the ruin?

Rupert has been replaced by his girlfriend! But please devs donโ€™t fix this for now. Everyone seems to love it.


It has not changed the way its cast, it has only changed the sound effect

looks bad bright pink

This is awesome btw, went through them only today and finally we can have cameras, fishing rod, jester balls, guiding light on us all the time without regret!


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