Patch 6.85: Expert Mode Raids


The boss resetting when the main tank gets sent to hell you mean?

The boss will never send the second-highest aggro target on the list to hell. So you need to have two tanks, one first on the aggro list and one second, so that the first one is sent and the other remains behind.


We had the problem with tanks getting 1-shot but never had problems with the boss resetting or problems with the aoe coming out of hell.


We did experience the issue of the tank getting sent to hell after the tank buster animation but before the hit and then getting one shot. My concern with this is that based on which hell dimension you get sent to the direction the tank buster is coming from will change wildly making it impossible to block. I’m really not sure what you can do to address that though.


Find another way to make the fight need two tanks, or make it so when the boss is doing a tank buster the teleport options are everyone but first on the aggro table


That AOE problem during the moment while coming out of hell, happened yesterday again on hard mode …


We just pushed out a new patch that reduces the amount of basic attack (and crit attack) damage of Boss 4 and Boss 5.


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