Patch 6.85: Expert Mode Raids


quietly whispers and a hell demon nerf for rangers ? :sweat_smile:


So we had to happen three times total basically for simplification lets say AVS drops 40% Health when he takes a normal and 80% Health when he takes a crit. With shield and cure wounds he can be maintained with 100% Health before every hit. The boss does tank Buster hit hit for his attack pattern. On the three times in question he would do his tank Buster with animation correctly tank shield would break. Then the first two times I believe it was the hit right after the tank Buster would instantly kill him or unbend if he had. The third time I believe it was the second normal hit that killed him all three times he was at 100% health. Without incoming damage numbers it’s hard to say what is happening but it appears that the boss has three variations of damage from his basic attacks. It could be that his attack pattern becomes broken and he throws an extra tank buster but still showing the normal hit animation which would be about impossible to manage or there is a another mechanic besides empowered vindictive or enraged that affects his damage output. Just for clarification the boss was showing no stacks of vindictive or empowered or any other weird Buffs


I think it makes sense for boss 3 and 4. I think boss 5 should be left as is or maybe a 10% reduction as lowering the hp would make this boss easier.


This probably deserves a simple poll post on its own, I can make it if you’d like. I personally think 30-40% might be on the high end for making the bosses a little too soft suddenly, but that’s just me. Maybe a 20-25% drop? It seems most people usually don’t start have meaningful issues until the tail end of the fight and that would both help mitigate that and retain some of the desired difficulty of expert mode.

Edit: Poll posted. Bosses each have their own % question.


Also a question that came up can bleed proc on the bells during Boss 4 causing a wipe or is there something preventing that


Also, just a note on lag. We ran with only one mage last night and lag on boss 3 seemed significantly better to me than when we run with more mages. I really think it has to be related to the DoTs.


The DoTs the mages put up? That would be weird since the boss is putting out way more status effects/DoTs on 4/5 than a mage would put up. I can certainly check that though. I would think it’s more likely related to the spell VFX or something.


Polls are fine but just noting I’m looking for general feedback, and just because the community majority votes a certain way doesn’t necessarily mean that’s how we’ll actually do it :slight_smile:

I guess I was looking more for, where do people feel like the line is right now between “challenging fight” and “lag fest city.”


After talking with Draven and Johann I think we kind of remade the poll to address that strategy. I think having those votes will at least help clear up which bosses are a lag fest and need changes and those that people might think just take unnecessarily long. It might also prove telling for groups that are/aren’t struggling how other people are fairing and feeling about the fights.


Sounds good, interested to see what they show :slight_smile:


0% chance its a tank buster because the tank buster is being blocked, and then it happens.


This bug sounds exactly the same as I sometimes have with Squiddy. He just randomly insta kills the tank from full health with a normal hit. Even though the tankbuster has already happened to break the shield and the poison pools can’t insta kill the tank on the lower levels. (Even a poison tick + crit hit won’t insta kill the tank from full health)


Just been on boss 5 normal mode and the hellbro’s are hitting harder than they do on hard-mode, 1 hit took me to 50% health, second hit took me to around 10% and then the next hit I was dead, I’m in full hardmode gear and every ranger in here ended up dying from it.

I think when you scaled it up for Expert mode you also did it for the other other modes too or something


We ran into this last night during normal mode too on boss 5. Had 2 mages get their asses handed to them that come down full health in Hard Mode. Haven’t tried hard mode boss 5 since expert to see if those are glitched as well.


Sorry about that, there was a bug from the Expert Mode tuning patch that was making them harder than they should have been. Should be fixed now.


There is still a problem tonight with tanks randomly dying from 1 shot basic attacks. We brought a nearly full t12 tank instead of avs in t10 and it is still happening. Basically making the boss impossible without complete luck to not get the phantom hit.

(We are now trying to get a recording for you)

Boss 5 Bug:
Person 1 sees they have been teleported to hell with no demon- auto kill count engages
Rest of the party sees Person 1 in boss room and they can die to poisons, aoe, and boss
Person 1 is finally really teleported to hell, but only has 1-4 seconds to kill demon before auto kill


We had some problems tonight bugs. Same as Smooch was stating above. One thing that was creating a lot of chaos for us was the corridor AOE’s. I know you’ve gotten this bug reported before but the window to dodge the AOE’s on bosses 4 and 5 in unbelievably small. Often times even dodging in less than a second well before the detonation you still get hit in your later location. I know you’ve discussed how the AOE’s are scanning currently so your positioning in the AOE may cause you to get picked up and tagged for damage before the AOE detonates but please understand the way this mechanic is functioning for tanks is unreasonable.

If the AOE’s were working more intuitively and you had the full window to dodge, these would be fine but that’s not currently the case.

Other than that we were experiencing some unexpected aggro drops on boss 5 related to one tank being sucked into hell and the other tank not getting aggro despite having gotten numerous provokes off on the boss. It seemed like there was some kind of aggro clearing mechanic that might have been causing issues.

Let me know if there’s any information or footage we could provide to help. We didn’t do a ton of recording tonight but we can get some for you next week if needed.


We also had issues with tanks getting hit by AoE on boss 4 last night when they were clearly out of it, also still getting hit by AoE when stood behind the boss which was supposed to be fixed, this happens on boss 1 and 5 as well, I can’t speak for shard bosses as I haven’t been running them very actively recently but it might need another look at


Also on boss 5 both tanks can be sent in hell at the same time, i’m assuming that’s a bug


That depends. There is a way to make sure the second tank never gets sent to hell but I have no idea if you’re doing it or not.