Patch 6.85: Expert Mode Raids


Do you have a video/screenshot of it? I never received the ones from your previous reports of this. I’m really confident this is working properly now which is why I keep asking.


If you can send me some video of that that would be great. Obviously one thing to keep in mind is latency. If the server starts the “countdown” but there is lag and the client only hears about it a second later, then by the time it goes off on the client the server might already have done its check. The scanning behaviour wouldn’t catch you and deal damage to you if you were already out of it though even if you were close to the boss.


I’d have to look though my recordings, there is a bunch of them with no clear labels on them so might take a while to work out if I have it recorded, I haven’t been recording a much recently because it ends up taking up a lot of my time trying to sort them out, I’ll see if anyone else has it recorded if I don’t


Yeah, I mean see my additional answer above, it’s entirely possible it’s a latency thing, although if multiple people saw them get out of it in time that is less likely I think.


Another thing I’ve been meaning to ask, the stacks on boss 3 last longer on all modes not just expert mode, was this intended? had a few people from pug groups asking about it confused about what was going on as they are struggling with normal mode with 1 tank now


I’ll see if we can get some footage for you if we don’t have that on hand I can make sure to get it for you the next time we’re in there. To clarify what we’re experiencing is that the tank will jump far outside the field while still red the musketeer often confirms they’re well outside then half a second later they take lethal damage as the aoe detonates.


I did not notice any difference in how long the debuf stacks stay in boss 3 in normal mode? How many days ago was this update?


Tuesday, it was Gummiebears that told acavi, who told me, I noticed it on hardmode but wasn’t really paying it much attention on normal mode run


That might be long enough ago for me to not know about the difference between before and after. Was it the same update where the player with the highest agro will never be jumped on by boss 3? (if so I never tanked that boss before that update so I can’t know the difference in time)


Yes it was that same update


Also on boss 5 there were numerous times the tank was sent to hell but everyone could still see his body in front of the boss. This caused a few wipes as the tank took a tankbuster in hell.


Okay so there will be a patch going out tomorrow morning with the following changes:

  • Fixed a bug causing the Tank Sickness debuff to last longer than intended on Normal and Hard mode.
  • Boss 4 and 5 on Expert Mode have been made slightly easier in terms of overall scaling.
  • On Boss 5, hell minions will no longer aggro the player sent to hell right away.
  • On Boss 4, the timing on the AoE attack has been slowed down slightly to give more time to teleport away.
  • On Boss 4 and 5, the Tank Buster no longer has a chance to crit (I think this is what is causing those phantom attacks, but just testing it out to see).



Thanks a bunch 2000000


Right now my plan is to leave it one more week on the current health pools, and then starting a week from tomorrow we will be dropping the health pools by around 20% on Boss 3 - 5 across all modes (but not the damage output) to make the fights faster, and in the case of the lower levels I think a bit easier. So just a heads up on that.


Can you make it so the bleed affix can’t happen on bells on expert mode boss 4 please?


Depending on how they do that, that may nerf some strategies for players doing normal/hard.


Bleed on a target = 1% chance
Bleed on a bell = 100% chance

Like it’s happened twice now in a row lol


That’s why I said for expert mode :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you saying after the tank buster occurs, if it crit, the next attack the boss makes is a phantom attack that deals tank buster damage? How does a tank buster that kills a tank already, no longer critting, resolve the next attack that kills the player (the phantom attack)?


Boss 4 Expert mode down: 11 minutes and 27 seconds and 11 minutes and 43 seconds

Landru, Rickness, AdultHuman, Crazie, Kizzleton, Justin, J, Function

Asterisk, Infraggable

That lag was super bad during the last 20% for me and my arm is killing, but so happy to finally have killed it pre-nerf