Patch 6.95: Dynamic Scaling, Dungeon Queuing, and more!


Yah, last one I signed up (entered) in highstep, ran a mayo sanctum, and exited by the rainforest dungeon :-p


Actually I went there solo for more than this, here is a list:

  • transmog gear (all classes)
  • dyes
  • fishing mats
  • runemage reagents
  • drams

Thank god I am done with transmog in rainforest just in time, but with same-scaled mobs everywhere it would basically kill alot of activities in the game. I am farming the 100k for the last chest-tab, which I really need since the chest is filling up with shards, dragons, potions etc., since several weeks now, not even half there so far. Farming dram already takes forever, even with the lower mobs. I fear if all is scaled and gear-farming ceases, there is not only less activity to do apart from dungeons, but only a small elite of stall owners left, trading with each other and that it is.

There are so many things which could reward dram though instead of grinding, like, for example:

  • rare gold ores all over the world, used just to sell to vendors
  • mats (like flowers) with higher spawn rates all over the world
  • minigames (dragon run)
  • mages tournament
  • completing a specially designed solo-farm-dungeon, looking like overlevel areas - no full groups jumping on you - and you only can enter this one alone
  • or just direct, higher, dram-drops from any mob, scaling with their level, so we don’t need to kill so many (as a musky that is not even possible btw… I do not even oneshot the lvl1 bunnies on cenn’s farm with my T7 gun :smiley: )
  • same with rune mage reagents the easiest fix is likely up’ing their droprate in level-scaled areas, that’s also an additional incentive to go there


i can’t solo maeos anymore, this level scaling sucks


yea, level scaling crap has ruined it for me.


@Riley_D maybe make it so that if you walk in to a dungeon whilst not in a party, it will not scale?


Was your Orbus life farming Maeos?..


No, but that’s not the point.
Once you reach level 8, you get the “dungeon ready” achievement - that dungeon is Maeos. Prior to this garbage, I was able to solo the whole thing at level 20.
The final boss is one of the monsters to kill for this week’s Defend the Realm. I figured I could to get that part done on my own. Not anymore.


That is because the devs want you to use the queuing system to find a group to kill the boss…


Most of reborn will be this way.


I don’t know why everyone is complaining so much. I found it to be a refreshing way to level without grinding, and a easy way to guide people threw the boss mechanics. Also introducing a new friend to vr, and joining in with my main despite him being a level 2 was fun.

High level grinders loosing a farming spot won’t really affect the game much, but low level players getting to run a dungeon will.

Sure a few buggs, but that will be sorted out soon.

Fantastic uppdate @Riley_D!


I think I found a bug, when I had my fishing gear equipped while in queue I got ported into the void with return to graveyard not working and only relog helped… (but relog pushed me out of the group I guess, I wonder if relog isn’t possible at all in groups without dropping out).


Just did some dungeons, first try the instance didn’t load correctly and i desync’d right after, the other times loaded fine.
I’m not sure if that’s the balance you were aiming for, but we killed the golem boss with only 2 stalactites (but we had 2 dps, with 3 it would probably be dead in 1).
It would be nice if the queue could show the number of players (like for the PvP Arena), of course you could have 10 players in queue and no tanks, but at least you can see if there’s anyone at all.


Do you remember what level the DPS were with you?


2 level 20s, the other “dps” was a low level warrior


Just tested it. Solo’ing maeo is very doable.


Well considering you didn’t even realize how many of us use the dungeons as a way to get some quick cash and resources I’m not real excited to sit and wait for you to figure this out. Now I’m left with few options as I don’t like resource gathering and crafting (just another grind). So now what do I do for cash and reagents? I sure as heck don’t have any interest in the scaling as a multi lvl 20. The return on my time spent in the scaled dungon is far to low value. So far it seems like the update just hurt my game play and added nothing for myself.


I could be wrong, but I really I don’t think it was ever intended that the best way to get money/resources would be to solo farm low level instances over and over.


While it may not have been the original intention, it became that way and was a source of rewarding income for many of us since the release of those dungeons. It’s not like this was just some new thing people were “exploiting”. It had been around long enough to be apart of the economy.


Noticed an issue with the musketeer role. More than once I’ve signed up as only support, and gotten thrown into a dungeon without a role at all, while the group is missing 1 dps. 5 players yeah, 1 tank, 1 healer and 2 dps + me without a role. Not sure if it has to do with me being as a mage in the overworld farming while the queue popped, but that has always been the case


We’ve noticed this during testing - it only appears to be a visual bug but we are investigating. (as in the roles are correct but it doesn’t always show them properly.)