Patch 6.95: Dynamic Scaling, Dungeon Queuing, and more!


That is exactly the problem, I never was in a group with less than three 20s and all those were endgame geared as can be… I can’t stress enough how amazing that feature is, I get grouped with so many folks from various guilds, so easily, and don’t need to wait 30-60mins until everyone is arriving, the normal lfg feature is nothing against that. Very good for the community, so far.
I really hope this is comin for Tradu (and incentives for 20s so the lower dungeons stay mixed and crowded).

My dream-Orbus works like this, you have your inventory full of all your zero-weight shards, carrying them always with you, and can choose all the dungeons you want and if shards or not (perhaps also which level, 1-3, 5-6 and the rest…). Then the algorithm matches groups like this, looking at what people have in inventory, of course it only would work if people are not too picky in what they wanna do.

PS: I can confirm last group boss in desert is totally bugged we did not even see the health bars goin down likely because they insta-reset all the time. All the rest in there seems fairly balanced now.


Something to keep in mind, though I’m glad it hasn’t really come up yet… there will likely need to be a way to avoid queuing up into a group with someone you’ve had issues with in the past. If you aren’t already doing this, using the player’s ignore list to make sure they don’t get placed with someone on it will at some point be pretty important, even if just from an anti-harassment standpoint.


I was wondering about that when I saw people in a group where I know they really don’t like each other :smiley: … but hey, they were silent and just went through, all good. I hope these are super rare cases, I mean, you can endure one dungeon with people you don’t like and in worst case just log of (then the next in queue should come in, I’d rather be for a feature like this, just be able to leave the queue right at the start and the next gets ported in, this also would come in handy if you forgot you were still in for a longer time…).


In about 30 minutes we’ll be pushing out the patch with these fixes. Thanks!


Sorry for the false start, we deployed the patch with a bit of a testing flag turned on, so we’re doing it over now. Stand by…

EDIT: Okay should be good to go now, sorry about that!


So a level 1 can heal our raids now XD


Uhhh…are you saying it’s bugged and incorrectly increasing the healing output of Level 1s? Because obviously the level scaling is not supposed to be on outside of level scaled instances…

EDIT It looks like you haven’t played since Sunday so I’m assuming that was more of a joke, haha. If not let me know :slight_smile:


OK, first 2 tries using the Auto Grouping system, I was grouped with a bunch of what seemed like very young kids that didn’t seemed to understand what was going on. They were also very low level and didn’t understand how to use there classes. they ended up walking out the dungeon about 3 minutes after we got there. Can there be a level 20 checkbox or at least a level 10 checkbox. I don’t mind teaching newer players the dungeons but I don’t want to have to try and teach an 8 year old there class.


What about the “Dungeon Ready” achievement? If someone’s gotten that in at least one class, maybe? That’s a level 8 ping.


No it happens if you enter alone; sadly


I did not mean it as a joke but did not read the update log carefully enough; though I was not getting the healing a level 20 would give in base maos sanctum when getting damaged. I was loosing health against a char dragon when in a shard that kind of damage would be easily healed off by a level 20. That or I don’t know what im talking about


Healer is bugged now. A level 20 healwr will pull way more agro then before, and will steal agro from any low level tank within seconds with just a turret.

Also 2 renews are showing at a time on every player


Is the tank also Level 20? And it’s just healers doing this?

We didn’t really change anything about the healer’s aggro, just the aggro generation of the tanks, and what we did should have increased it not decreased it…


Hmmm… we didn’t change anything to do with that, either. Is it something to do with the Musketeer turret Renew with the Empowered Turret talent? I don’t think it should have two active at once but it’s possible one is appearing as the other is expiring…

EDIT: Actually sorry about that, apparently we re-used that same icon on accident to indicate that you are being affected by the “receive scaled healing” debuff. We are working on a change for that but it requires a client-side patch so it should be out sometime tomorrow.

Also I am investigating the aggro generation now, I think I know what’s going on with the healing, working on a fix.


Okay I think this should actually be fixed now. We weren’t scaling down the aggro from healing properly. It will be active for any new dungeon runs that start from here on out.

EDIT: There was still a small bug I found which may have caused weird results for high-level healers healing low-level players, that should be fixed now too.

I also believe the bug on the Mech Bosses in the Desert Dungeon dying way too fast should be fixed. Thanks!


I believe for this I stance I was the tank (lvl8) and Burn was the healer (lvl20). It was in the rainforest dungeon last night around 9-10pm eastern for me. I couldn’t pull hate off him at all. Even with multiple uses of the horn and enmity combo, all mobs just ignored me and went straight for him.


I love how you called it hate!


Okay, yeah I believe this should be fixed now. Let me know if you run into that issue again.


Lol Frank I’m so used to calling it that cause I’m a PLD in FFXIV and a Ninja in FFXI


Riley I will que tonight when I get home and report back if there are any issues.