Patch 6.95: Dynamic Scaling, Dungeon Queuing, and more!


So no more solo dungeons for farming? Will this cause problems with people clearing low lv mobs that low lvs need? What’s the most acceptable way to farm reagents?


Not really a problem. Most mobs spawn fast, and the player base is not that big. If the player base grows they get split into separate shards anyway, so still not a problem


I think it is a problem. The drop rate for reagents should be more. The cost of reagents are going up. No one wants to conveniently carry reagents anymore and I am seeing more level 20’s farm low level mobs taking kills from other lower levels.


Not sure how many farmed in dungeons, but I was not amongst them, always farming outside because the drop rate in Maeo seemed way too poor… In my prime time of playing there’s only half the playerbase online, at max, but still, I did not ever get in the way of questers. Respawn rates are decent and I switched area if someone showed up. Any level 1-10 area will do for farming, there is lots, for example I farmed pigs, dragons (near wenderwood), spiders in jungle and basically all the jungle area, combining it with farming ores and waiting for Linstanium to respawn.

The only two places where it sometimes clashed with people takin each others kills was the “leveling meadow” in front of Tradu and sometimes the worms, but not because of farming, but because of several groups trying to powerlevel for hours and the lack of other places to do so.

And yet of course up’ing the reagent rate in dungeons would be a nice further incentive to go there; not sure if going in a group is really slower than solo-farming, if 20s keep queuing up for that and waiting times are not too long this could be a good replacement.
(And as stated I’d really like to see different ways of achieving dram too, a list with suggestions posted above…)


A small client-side patch is out now on Steam and Oculus. It made a few minor changes, adding a new in-game bulletin board near the Player House that we are going to try and keep up to date with goings-on in the game. We also changed the icon for the “receiving scaled healing” buff that players get so it isn’t the same as the Renew icon.

Finally, earlier we put out a server-side patch which should hopefully make the role assignments from random queues show up for everyone more consistently.



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