Patch Tuesday 11/2 - Explorer's League Outposts, Phase II (MSQ)

Hey everyone, we’ll be releasing a patch on Tuesday (originally announced for Monday, but we are moving it to Tuesday), featuring the continuation of the Explorer’s League main story quests, as well as bugfixes and improvements.
Check out our blog for an overview of the new quests.

Other Patch Notes

  • Updated the Potion “Ability Reset Potion” to the “Super Charger Potion”
    • When active this potion causes your Class Super to charge at an additional 25% rate, currently for an hour
  • Added Zone Transition Names to all the zones
    • When transitioning between zones you will now see a system notification that will appear informing you of the zone you are currently in (EX: When entering the Highsteppe gates you will see “Highsteppe City” appear, this also works with dungeons)
  • Added a new Dye vendor that is unlocked through the second part of the Explorer’s League quest line
  • There are 7 new dyes that can only be bought through this vendor (or from other players)
  • Fixed a typo with the Pure White dye category
  • Adjusted a spawn in the Sewers dungeon to fix some issues with mob stacking
  • Tweaked the Golden Egg Shard Mutation, this mutation will be back in rotation after this patch
    • Fixed various bugs when grabbing and passing the egg.
    • Long range grab indicator properly hides when someone is holding the egg.
    • Added the ability to anchor the egg to a position relative to your body. Simply press the trigger while holding the egg to anchor it. Then grab it again to pass it off.
  • Fixed a bug with potion drinking that was causing the particle effects to not work properly
  • Added feature to make it more apparent to players when Developer “boosts” are activated
    • This allows players to easily recognize when logging into the game if there is an “XP Event” active (like XP boost weekends)
  • The correct number of achievements completed should now be reflected in the achievements tab
  • Corrected an issue with the drop rates for chest transmog blueprint and gear mount blueprint, you can obtain them from the Grinding Device
  • Removed the weighting towards Mine and Temple dungeons for high shard levels



Wait - the chest transmog blueprint was obtainable all this time? I’ve only ever seen one person with the transmog. As for the gear mount blueprint, there was an issue? I have 4 x3

The super charge potion sounds like a good investment to have.

I’m curious, what’s happening with the reputation lore quests?

^ 8 months ago - coming out later(Hopefully not too long) that will have the rest of the Reputation Lore quests.

^ 4 months ago - Soon…

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Will those drop with the potion drops at the end of dungeons too?
Also can we get x5 and x10 recipes for it? Otherwise actually making enough to use them will be rly bad.


only for high shard levels?
shouldn’t balancing be the same for everyone?
and when does it start to count as high level?

Does it update the currently already existing ability reset potions that players own. Or will it be only new made potions that become super charge potions?

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shards 1-13 already have the same chance for everything, only shard levels 14-15 had a higher chance of being temple/mine


I’m ultra excited about this patch
thanks devs <3
and thanks for the answere @Asmund

It should, yes. Everything is replaced in-place, recipe etc.

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  1. What exactly does this mean? Is it where sometimes particle effects won’t show for things like getting poisoned by an enemy?

  2. Do we have any word on when the player ghost settings are coming?

When you drink a potion it’s supposed to show a particle effect of the liquid coming out of the bottle. (Or at least that’s how it was made originally). Before the fix, this was simply not showing at all but more importantly it was throwing some errors behind the scenes so that should be good now.

Our original plan was to release those before we put out the second half of the Explorer’s League main story quests, but we had to move them first. We still plan on releasing the additional lore quests this year. Note that this is going to be quests, and not additional reputation levels at this point.

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The patch will be live in about 45 minutes.


Client updates are available, restart Oculus or Steam to receive them.

Patch should be live now!

Nop, not after countless restarts. Would be great if Oculus Store wasn’t so lame every single time…
Edit: Now it’s 30mins in, nothing… is that normal?

Please note, there is an item here that should not be on the store, so don’t purchase it. It was a placeholder while working on code so it shouldn’t do anything. We’ll get it removed.

It worked for me shortly after the patch, so I don’t really know. Try letting the Oculus software be offline for a few minutes before restarting maybe?

Restarted PC, now it popped, all ok!


Will there be a timer for further updates? because we are starting shards now…