Permanently stuck in combat

Hi, I’ve been tying to solve my stuck in combat problem for 45 min now, so yeah I’m stuck in combat, here’s what I’ve tried to fix it :

  • use the stuck combat button, it didn’t work so I’ve wait for the 10m long and retried it and didn’t work either.

  • logout an login back, I also tried my other char Marc, for him it working fine but I logged back into MarQc, still stuck in combat.

  • I even tried restarting all my services oculus and when it didn’t work I restarted my PC, still no success, I CANT WALK MAN XD.

So yeah I need help, I think the problem’s coming from the character himself, but it’s in your hand now.



Did you try Return to Graveyard?

yeah like 3 time, I took back my grave too hoping it would do something, took me like 5 min to go to it.

you can´t move at all or you can still walk slowly?

Just to make sure, there is weight based items in your inventory, and if you are over encumbered then it will slow your movement speed down. It displays a number in the lower right hand corner.

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I’m gonna go check I hope I’m not that stupid and just forgot to check it after turning the music off

yeah that’s it … sorry I turned the music off and was using my movement to know if I was in combat I just never taught of the weight.

No problem, its not that obvious until you know about it, ill look into making it more obvious in the Journal for new players

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I already knew it’s just normally when I don’t hear the combat music and I move slow I know I got to salvage a few things, but for the first time I turn the music off so I didn’t think of it I taught I was in combat, you should make an Icon that represent a little red bag appear in your screen like under the EXP bar or something like that to let people know when they are overweight if they have turn off the music.

You should make it more obvious when you are encumbered. The text in front you you at the beginning will a lot of people ignore like I did. It should be some permanent thing in the screen or very obvious text when opening the menu/inventory. I knew the feature, but I was tricked for it for like 15 minutes. I said this before, but I am saying it again because just making more journal to read isn’t a solution at all in my opinion.

Its on your inventory screen also, at the lower right, shows the amount you are carrying and also the max you can carry before becoming overencumbered.

Does the text become red when overcumbered?

Yes, i cant remember if its red, but it does change color when you are slightly overweight and then completely overencuumbered.

Yeah than I can only advice to make it more noticeable in the start menu or with sound effects while walking. Because to be honest, you won’t check your inventory if you don’t even think about the fact that you are overweight but just think you are stuck in combat.

(But because there are 20 million other things you can work on that have more effect on the game, I will stop nagging here. Sorry)

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A giant sign popping up in front of your face is pretty obvious. I mean choosing to ignore every bit of text is a bit foolish. There are ways to make it more obvious but I feel like most of those would negatively impact gameplay.

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