Pet Bonus Re-Roll Still Has Issues


Re-rolling pet bonus is still not working right. There was never a fix. This dragon I had Jumper, which is the most useless bonus. I bought pet treats and got the following:

It cost me 8k to get anything other than Jumper. This has happened to me many times before.

Can you please fix the bonus treats by letting us choose which bounus we want?? It really sucks that it is left to RNG.

Also, please lower the price of the bonus treats. 2k costs more than a dragon.


This really should be changed so it can’t re-roll to the same thing, sure keep the RNG of you can get 1 of 2 other choices but don’t let it repeatedly roll the same thing, that’s just frustrating


I used a treat and got jumper, and after hearing others about plunderer and gatherer, I wanted to try to get plunderer. So I saved up dram and bought another: gatherer. After trying it out, I did want to go for plunderer. Bought another: gatherer. I couldn’t get another right away, but a friend gave me dram just for it. I ran to go buy the treat again, and gatherer. Then I had triple digits of dram left. I already have more dram now to buy more treats, but after gatherer 3 times in a row, I’m waiting to save up more fluff. Going broke with them is real :sweat_smile:

Edit: bought another treat today, told myself it’d be the last one, and plunderer! Yay!

Jumper > gatherer > gatherer > gatherer > plunderer

10k to get it :sweat_smile:


@Airis I feel you. This is making me broke.


Okay, it happened again. I got jumper->jumper->jumper->jumper->jumper->plunderer on these new cosmetic pets. I mean isn’t that crazy, me getting jumper 5 times in a row?

I heard one person even spent 14k on it to get plunderer.


I stopped buying them because they make me want to scream and throw things. That scares the dragons.
Joking aside the repeating thing really does kill it. I thought that my treats where broken at first because it took me 4 or 5 treats for it to change to something aside from Jumper. Ive got tons of perfect Nova dragons sitting in my bank because they dont have a special yet.


This really does need changing


As of the new patch that just went out, it should always pick a different bonus when using the treat.


Thank you!!! Best thing ever


Thank you so much!!!


Victory!!! Thank You for making this change!


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