Pet Dragon Quest in EA

During the Alpha or Beta (can’t remember which) I was able to get a pet dragon from a NPC, and I saw a forum post saying that in EA the quest to get a pet dragon is given by Sicilus. I did a quest and I haven’t gotten anymore from that NPC, does anyone know how to get the dragon?

I’m fairly certain you have to be a certain level to get more quests from her. You get the one that gives you the pet at around level 10. What level are you now?

So you actually have to work on the main story quest. At some point, the main story quest will send you to Sicilus. After you complete that you will be able to pick up the next bestiary quest which is the quest line that leads to your dragon.

Thank you guys @Rejinx @aRkker. I am currently level 7 and the last story quest I have done is the idol quest in the burning forest, but I haven’t done the story in a bit due to exploring the runemage class.

I agree. just continue the main quest. I have not had my Dragon for so long :slight_smile:

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