Pet fighting/healing


I am sure that pets fighting along side you as a dps/healer has already been suggested many times and I like that. Another idea I had was Pets fighting pets either in PvP, overworld pvp, and in dragon races. Of course in dragon races we could control them, but they would automatically heal/attack in PvP. Of course when you got the pet you would need to equip a “class” for the dragon. On their back would be a musket for healing and for dps they could either bite the enemy (tank melee) or fire from a pistol or crossbow on their back. We could also get gear from raids/ missions/ dungeons/ shard dungeons/ grinder pot/ drops for them just like out character. If the dragon is a healer it could heal other players as well.


Personally, I don’t want this. Back when dragons were getting skills (jumper, gatherer. plunderer) I and many others at the time didn’t want a pet to be something we were forced to use because it boosted our damage. I for one don’t ever have a dragon equipped because I simply do not like them. Just my 2 cents.


should make the donkey pet hold invotory slots( i thought in classic orbusvr)


That would make the game a little more pay to win, and I think the devs have done a good job avoiding that so far


Agreed. The pets having slots would, in fact, add pay to win. In Mabinogi, this exact thing is an issue where people buy pets for inventory space. Later on, pets also gained ‘when pet is called, X effect’ so it became even worse.


I never even said about anything about slots.


He means inventory slots I beleive.
Which is what you said


No I did not say that. I said the pet has its own ARMOR slots for gear and whatnot. You know the pet could even count as a “player”


Oh, not you. We were referring to what vasillia said


Oh :joy: maybe actually that could be a… trait?