Pets and Gadgets for the future

I’m curious to see what’s in store for mini pets and gadgets so i figured i’d offer some random ideas :slight_smile:

I love the interaction u can have with your pet dragon and I hope that’s follows for all the pets. I think it would be neat if you could feed your pet a treat and that would cause them to be “happy” which empowers them for like 10 minutes and they do something special. The dragon could be a normal cute mini pet, but when you feed it it starts to dragon breath in combat but it will do more damage than what it’s currently doing.

Can have a wood spirit or a fairy give small heal of like 3% per 5 seconds while someone is in range who is missing health.

Can have a turtle which hides in it’s shell every 60 seconds, leaving a planted shield location for party members to hide behind, after the 10 seconds of shield it will return to it’s owner’s side and then when the cool down is up it will prop down again (if ur in combat)

some type of reptile with a long tongue that can pick up loot for us from afar

A Bird which can go off for a moment and bring back some bait to use for fishing (already on a lure)

A dog which can sniff out secrets treasure chests and quest items.

a fish which can attract other fish in the water making you more likely to catch a bite and sooner. after the pet fish is no longer “happy” it would jump out of the water and into the fishbowl it resides in next to you.

I’d also like to see a pet which is affiliated with you for some time but it has a chance to change its master to a nearby player, that way this pet travels all over and goes from person to person, maybe offering a really neat empowered ability. This kind of works like a virus, which would also be freaking awesome in this game. go out into the jungle and catch something contagious and then bring it to highstep and it keeps going around until an alchemist administers the cure to everyone. maybe the cure lasts for several days so you don’t get immediately sick rights after

for gadgets i’d like to see a discombobulating ray which has a 50/50 chance to turn your enemy into a chicken for X seconds or turn you into a chicken for Y seconds (until damaged).

a device which shrinks your character.

A device which turn you invisible if you don’t move away from it.

a device which will automate gathering nearby plants(though it’s not efficient)

a device that can act as mobile storage.

a device which allows you to craft potions
one for lures too

a device which teleports you to a random teleport stone around the world.

a device which works like dowsin rods that direct you towards hidden treasures.

craftable traps for damage and imobilization. as well as crafted first aid machines and crafted barriers for ranged protection.

robot pet which can do something robotic…

I’d love gadgets that offer time-killing mini games for the player to do solo. like a simon says for the robot pet or something, idk.

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