Phase II MSQ being soft locked behind invisibility potion

Did the Devs really soft lock the Phase II MSQ quests behind something that takes 7 days to make (invisibility potion)?


Short answer: yes

I know you’ve probably been told this already, but isn’t it actually 30 days?

No that is the aged version. You need a normal invis pot.

Edit: Mmmh old wiki says it used to be 21 days to age and another 8 days to make the aged version of it. Sooo it might be even 21 days depending on if recipe ever changed.

good thing i have some

but I do think its strange that they make you make an invisibility potion

Then im just gonna not do the msq. Not worth the time for me.

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Hi, thanks for letting us know.
We checked and that’s a unintended mistake on our end where it was supposed to be a Masked Scent potion which you can just make without a timer and shouldn’t have to wait.

We’ll be fixing the quest later today to reflect the correct objective, sorry about that.


The quest should now be changed, your journal should be updated to the new objective.


the quest is not updated in hulthines basin, so it completes when you are in the player house or in highsteppe, but when you teleport to hulthines it switches to invis pot again and you can’t turn it in.

Restarted the zone just now, try again.

worked, also realized that I need to turn it in to the airship captain in highsteppe, not the dude in Hulthie…oops

I may get on even though im sick because i really wanna start the quests