Pilgrim attacked me while escorting it to the Keep

I was playing as a Knight, and it started to attack after we killed a Wolf.
Thats pretty much it tho it coudn’t deal damage and stopped attacking when I walked far enough away

Thanks for reporting this here! So, this is an issue that has come up before and we think what is happening is that at some point during the fight your shield blocked one of the pilgrim’s attacks and caused it to aggro you. @Robert

Okay I think we know the cause of this and are tracking this on our bug list, thank you for posting this as it helps track things down.

@Robert May this also be the reason Thessin (I think that was her name?) was randomly attacking me and dealing no damage after I defeated hint hint don’t wanna spoil person in his chambers?

yes it probally is i hadnt heard that one before but if you were playing warrior then its same bug

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