Player Emotes Discussion

This idea has been brought up a few different times, but I don’t think there has been a thread dedicated to it. I’m curious if there will be an emote system in game or not. I feel like such a system, if implemented well, could help fill several voids.

The use of emotes to help express yourself, provide extra life to your avatar, and add depth to social interactions has been brought up before. I think it would be a lot of fun to be able to walk into a tavern late one evening and see a couple avatars dancing with each other. Of course, you could physically dance with each other because this is VR, but maybe an emote for it could use an animation that adds extra movement we aren’t able to express with the controls we have at this point.

I’m expecting a good portion of this game to involve group cooperation, especially once we reach end game raiding. All of this works great if you’re teamed up with a group of friends. This may be more difficult for PUGs or fellowships with international members because of the language barrier. Maybe a set of coordination based emotes like “go here” or “attack now” would help ease this process.

I realize everyone may not share my opinion here, but I’m a sucker for exclusive content. Receiving a limited time emote for being one of the first to clear a new raid or maybe backing the Kickstarter (like the dragons) would be pretty cool.

Closing Thoughts
As I mentioned earlier, this is a VR game and as such we are able to use body language to a limited degree already, but having a defined emote and associated animation that everyone is able to easily recognize as “attack” may help breach the language barrier for some players. It also helps reduce the physical demands of what is already a very physically demanding game so that we are all able to play longer. I wouldn’t want to waste all my raiding energy dancing in the tavern while I wait for my group to gather.

What do you guys think? Would a system like this be helpful for anyone else? What could this system look like? Are there any social or coordination emotes you feel should be incorporated?

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I personally would rather only have auto-generated facial expression and eye tracking that emotes.
While I can understand some people like it, I’d never use “button” emotes.
I would rather do things in vr than activate something to make my avatar do it.

Will microtransaction for /gulag !


I agree with you to an extent. There are extra freedoms that VR provides and I hope to take advantage of that. I feel like an emote system would exist to supplement the actions we can take and improve communication.

For example, I run into one of my real life buddies in an Inn and we bump fists to greet each other. Someone from another country may not recognize that gesture and wonder what just happened or I might try to greet someone unfamiliar with the custom and confuse or offend them. A solution to this could be to have a universal greeting emote within the game. Maybe your avatar sprouts legs, kneels, and places the knuckles of a fist to their own forehead. We would have defined that as a greeting and everyone who witnessed it would know immediately what was going on.

P.S. I’m far from an expert on international communication. If the fist bump is a universal greeting please don’t blast me for it. Just trying to come up with an example.

I wouldn’t want animation based emotes, not full body ones anyway. I would support changing facial expression or hand gestures though.

As for having universal emotes to bridge the language gap… I’d rather actual gestures become recognised by the community and a universal language kind of just evovlees organically among the community.

Kind of like in the game Journey, but with more options… :slight_smile: