Player house access by party members

I am wondering if it would be possible to allow visitors into my player house? My thinking is, many of the tasks that can only be done in your player house would be made less confusing to new and old players when learning to do these tasks, if an experienced player could demonstrate.

It would also allow those of the decorator mind to show off their prowess to friends and teammates.

I know you can’t now but I was thinking that a party leader could be given that option.


this would be great and add more purpose to furniture. would love to see it in the future even if it is a while in the future.

Would rather not due to not only how many things could potentially break but thievery could happen, attempt to be patched, and then break many other things in that patch

Thievery shouldn’t be an issue. Fellowships have a chest in the hall but you have to give members permission to access it. So there’s already a system in place that can block people from opening chests.