Player house addition

Something that I was thinking could be cool for the player house is being able to pick different themes which would change the look of the player house and may or may not change the layout.

What would be added?
To start off 3 different themes could be good 1 would be like a normal house with normal wall paper, better looking tables, and overall just looking more clean the layout would be the exact same as the default house with only visual changes and could cost 15k at the odds ends shop. 2nd one could look like the fellowship hall with a castle design, the big room would be replaced with the dummy room in the fellowship hall and the tables would be made out of marble, this would cost 30k. The last house could look like the citadel with open roofs and amazing looking walls this one would replace doors with portals and make the rooms a bit bigger to get this you would have to complete the citadel raid and would cost 100k

Why it should be in the game
I’ve seen lots of complaints on the player house mostly containing the wall paper and after awhile it just gets boring and would be cool to get a change of scenery.

How would we change it?
At the odds and ends shop you would buy the house theme and it would look like a dungeon shard in your house there would be a place to put it and when you put it in it changes and giving you whatever theme it was before in shard form

Other ideas
Being able to buy more rooms and let dragons be able to walk around


This is crazy I made a post but didn’t even talk about the lore?!?!?!? What have I become


I said it once, and I’ll say it again. we need to be able to use our pets as furniture. as for the dragons walking around, sounds dope, what if you could draw their walk path around your playerhouse.


Perhaps you’ve transcended beyond just understanding the lore and are laying foundations for future lore??

definitely would be awesome to at the least be able to switch between the seasonal wallpapers whenever you want and not be stuck with the current seasons one also would be nice to be able to remove/disable the tutorials that are on the walls so we can put more stuff on the walls.

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There could be a number of designs or themes that could be purchased that would more closely match the players personality, such as a variation from dark to light.

Holiday themes could become drops from the events such as the Spring event going on now. Complete the event and one of the rewards would be a seasonal house theme.


yes maybe another thing for tinkering as well. or maybe custom ones you can make via the tinkering system that you can then sell.

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I just wanna know whats through the door in the big room. Why is it there?? Where does go?? WHY IS THERE A LOCKED DOOR IN MY HOUSE I DONT HAVE A KEY TO?? It keeps me up at night.

That was implemented by mishka it’s the real basement and it’s where he keeps Riley. Only he has the key

Sssshhhh don’t tell people!

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