Player House Furniture Wish List

With the update out, there are still furniture pieces we plan on bringing to the game. But we would love to hear feedback on the pieces that players want the most!

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not a furniture request, but a feature request. i wish we we’re able to change the size of furniture.


And a snapturn option because aaagh symmetry :grimacing:


Snapturn! Yes! My hands are shakin when I try and I wanna align things … or optional snap onto places/lines

Also I can not reach the upper spots on my house, like, putting books onto shelfs or hanging the mine thing up to the ceiling, tried max distance but still not enough.

Size-Change: Would also be very nice, for example some items are too big for the dragon cage (dragon tree house for example)

Other than that, again: What a nice update :slight_smile:

Edit: I notice the 16 spots are easily used up for one corner with all the little details like candles, books…the great room will likely always look empty if that is the max we can place. I’d love to place lights all around etc., if it’s a programming/performance issue I am sure there’s a workaround to let us place more.

It would be cool to have:

  • A light lamp, some mood changers like a different light color brighting the room up with blue, red etc. Or a discobal xD
  • Wall color change options? Or a different floor type.
  • still dreaming of the fishtank with self choosen fish in it!
  • a simple straight bar (would create mini mazes with it)
  • miniature statues of all the bosses.

More to the extreme:

  • dominos. (Preferably working :grimacing:)
  • a boxing ball you can actually hit ? With hands or weapon will just react with a movement in a specific direction.
  • Or something like a generic ball you can hit around the room.
  • Actual working movable target ranges
  • Pets walking around in the house
  • a music player changing the music in the house

Talking about features:

Multiple ppl I played with said it would be cool to have decoration options for the fellowship. Which seems like a cool idea on first sight because you can actually share with multiple players how something is decorated. And it also gives a fellowship hall more identity for that fellowship.

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Usable storage chests that can be Bough for 10,000 dram

Perhaps could we have a grid snapping system for rotation on the furniture so it is not a few degrees off from perfectly level on the ground?


Posting on behalf of several guild members:

  • More plant types! Way more plants!
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This along with something players have been asking for a while-- Mount displaying, may be coming in a future update. We are currently testing to try and get Mounts and Herbs (it will be the model from the alchemy table not the “harvestable” plant) to be able to use as house decorations. So you would be able to store your mounts inside the furniture chest as well as display them inside your rooms. We are currently testing this so I don’t have a definite timeline yet but it is something we are working on currently.


ajust size of objects in home

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