Player Information - Add "Last Logged On" Date and other useful info


I’ve been playing this game since it’s original release. I’ve accumulated a long list of people in my friends list, and I really wish I could “clean it up”. I’m sure some people in my friends list no longer play the game. However, I also don’t want to accidently remove any players from my friends list that are still active. I really wish that you could click on someone’s name to get additional information on that player, including last date online. In addition, it would be really nice to also see the person’s multiple class levels. I often need to ask what classes they play, or even if they have a level 30 to do shards. In addition, as a fellowship leader, I would like the same option for the fellowship members for the last logged on date. Since there is such a restriction on how many players you can invite, if someone hasn’t logged in the game in more then a month, then I would like to have that information visible, so I could remove them and add a new active player into the guild. Thanks, I love the game. :sparkling_heart:


You can see how many days players were inactive in the armory, that should help to clean up the fellowship at least:

But I fully agree that this should be sortable ingame, the friends list needs improvement since it’s quite a fuzz looking everyone up there.

Also I do miss other options like message, party and friend invites etc. in many places! When you click on a name, no matter if in group, fellowship, friends list everything should be there, perhaps not even as dropdown but as extra tab where you see vital info like class levels and last login and got all the options needed to interact.


One thing to note is that there is an opt-out for API function, which may give false readouts.


Very much agree, I’m pretty sure you can get last online date/time in the fellowship list already tho so shouldnt take long to add it to the friends list.


Pretty sure I saw you casting in highsteppe outskirts practicing on dummies, and I’ve joined you :rofl:

Welcome back to the game!

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