Player Killers gah or mistakn?



The whole idea is to have items that can only obtained from the wilds as a way to reward people brave enough to risk the trip. This game lacks rare items and to make all items available to everyone makes this game boring. You dont want to do pvp then buy what you need from people who took the risk. No risk no reward. If you want to go harvest in wilds and dont want to pvp get a team going and split at the end. There is safety in numbers. You can also go at an off peak time where the server population is low.


I think this works both ways. There are people who straight up do not want to do dungeons. PvP players have no chance of getting better items if they do not like or want to do PvE dungeons. They can’t even buy them, so they are forced to do PvE if they want to upgrade their gear. PvE players can’t get certain materials, but can still buy them if they need to. They are not forced to go into the wilds. I guess I’m having a hard time seeing the argument here.

In reborn, the opt-in pvp solves the problem for PvE players but does not solve the problem for PvP players on getting better gear without doing PvE dungeons. They would need to add some kind of honor rewards system like WoW has to get better PvP gear.


No MMO in history has ever ler players PVP right off the start of the game, you need to put in at least 10 hours of PVE content in Orbus if you even want to viably try PVP so your point is kinda… well pointless.

If you take PVE out of an MMO it becomes a battle royale or competitive survival open world game. If you take PVP out of an MMO you can still have an MMO


Eve Online allows you to shoot players within seconds of creating a character. You will die from the “police” within a few seconds, but get enough players together and you can kill anyone with any ship.

Games like Orbus are designed more for PVE than PVP. The added PVP content is to add another dimension to the game play and not a core feature.


Ultima online is another MMO where you could attack people right away and steal their stuff.

When I was referring to PvE, I was referring to end-game dungeons.


Guild Wars 1 made people create a max level pvp char, and it still counts as one of the best mmos ever made. They just butchered the second game.

Nowadays you could level even in wow with pvp only.


As others stated countless do… it would be no problem to offer PvP-gear equal to the PvE one for successfully fighting in arenas, BUT the crucial difference to games doing that is they got several hundreds or thousands players while VR games are still a niche.
If a PvP player does not ever have to do a dungeon to upgrade gear then it possibly becomes even harder to find groups for those.
PvP is easy to adapt to low player counts, just offer 1:1 arenas, also the chest was a nice idea fit for 1, 2 etc. players, perhaps it could randomly spawn in reborn.

Btw those suggesting rare materials un-accessible to PvE and what all, well, we have all that already and it did not work. Even at times with “high” player count I never encountered any pvp fight while farming, other than directly around the chest spawning time in Lamavora… and it will never become more dangerous far away from Highsteppe if these areas are not very easy to reach you will likely farm alone so naturally these are safer, even with different PvP mechanics.


Runescape, the game I keep coming back to as a great example of PVP, certainly allowed you PVP right off the start of the game. And better yet - it allowed you to get scammed and follow another character into the PVP zone right at the beginning of the game. The Wilderness really felt like venturing out into the Wilderness, with all its dangerous allure.


On that same Vein … Actions Have Consequences and the Consequences of Ganking a Lowbie will likely be a bad reputation when the lowbie tells his tale in the local inn.

The Consequences for the Lowbie trusting someone is that they lost all their junk and will be more guarded in the future. You are trading your reputation for the experiance of luring out unwarry newbies to their deaths. Those Newbies may get trapped out in the wilds and then rage quit the game. If we had lots of users that would not matter much but Our community is small and ‘Donkeys live a long time’ … I am no stranger to pvp and in other mmos I was a ganking griefer … some people just want to watch the world burn. However it is one thing to lie in wait and murder and it is another to lie to someones face and lure them to their deaths.

I am more annoyed by the act of deception then by the act of pk’ing / ganking. I do not think restricting pvp is the answer … But I do think that people who decieve, I do not trust.

I think it is a disconnect from reality to ask people to not hop on the ‘get him mode’ Fronteer Justice goes hand in hand with Pk’ing … Are Bounty Hunters not to enjoy the Chase of Bandits ? This is a Two lane Road. Some may prefer hunting PK’ers some may prefer hunting other players.

Nothing is Inherently Wrong With Either.

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