Player level next to name on friends list

I think it would be convenient to show what level your friends are next to their name on the friends list. As it is, it can be difficult to find friends to help do certain higher level quests or activities if you haven’t seen or played with the friend recently. If this isn’t something that is wanted to be added on the friends list, it would also be convenient to be added on the fellowship player list. Let me know what you guys think about this.


I agree. That would be Great

This would be a bit hard as each class is its own level (runemage, musketeer, warrior…). Maybe an option to view all the levels when you tap their name in friends list.

Ahh right. That’s something I didn’t take into consideration. Very good point. For the majority of the people on my friends list, I am at least aware of what class they normally play, so I wouldn’t be opposed to just showing the level of the class they are currently playing, and then making the assumption that if it shows a low level, then they are playing an alt class.


You could just show abbreviations like Ru-20, Mu-1, Wa-8, Ra-3.

It would also be nice to see their current class, those times you’re looking for an extra healer/tank/whatever.

I was wondering about this, I think they should put highest lvl and class or just give us a small area for notes on the person.

I was about to type up this exact suggestion. This whole week has been “just need a tank and gtg” groups, and knowing who I’ve friended has leveled a tank would help.

I’d prefer the ability to set notes on my friends so I can remember where I met them so I don’t accidentally delete someone I shouldn’t of. Or when they approach me and I can’t remember who they are I’ll look in mah notes and can remember all the good times


Just very simply, adding in the max level of their classes.

When we log in, we see our character’s max level, not the level of the last-equipped weapon. Getting our friends’ highest level would help out quite a bit.

I would also love having the idea from @Lago implemented. Adding notes would be very nice.

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