Player Movement & Character Movement

Question for devs: will OrbusVR pay any attention to a player’s physical movement within their own playspace? If I take two big steps to my left, does that register at all, or are all of my attacks and all attacks made on me treated as if I was still in my old location?

It come up sometimes about blocking/dodging and whether it will be possible to physically sidestep an opponent’s thrust, or slide out of a monster’s AoE, etc. :man_with_turban:

Yes it does include room scale movement. So if your play space is large enough you can step out of the red AoE areas.


To elaborate a little on what Riley said, roomscale movement is totally recognized. If you sidestep an attack IRL, it is side stepped in game. Any attacks you initiate are sent from your current IRL position. Attacks towards you personally may be subject to lag between you and the server, but attempts are made to make things realistic, and if you jump (IRL) out of the way of an attack, it shouldn’t hit you.

There has been discussion about limiting IRL movement to a certain rate (e.g. you can’t just spring back and forth IRL and dodge everything). but there has been a bit of backlash about that, and a definitive answer from the devs about “will everything translate 1:1 to IRL” hasn’t been given.

Overall, I think the answer to your question is “yes, two big steps to the left will register”, and the VERY specifics of how it will work are still undecided.