Player Name, Model, Level, etc swapping

Last night my wife and I rode the airship from Guild City to an Inn two stops away (Sorry, brand new, don’t know all of the names of places). When we got off of the airship she presented as a completely different character to me, including name, level, appearance, etc. We didn’t investigate much more to see if the inventory, etc swapped, but relogging fixed the problem.

We are both using Oculus Rifts.

We did not see the person that she swapped to on the ship with us (is the ship even a communal space?)

I’m not sure if we were actually partied or not because I experienced a couple of crashes throughout the night and haven’t quite figured out what visual indicator there is to tell if someone is in your party.

If I had to take a guess you experienced something similar to this issue: Wierd glitch client-side

Their name will be green if they are in your party

Hmm, yeah, could definitely be related.

Thanks. That’s what I had thought, but then I saw her name in green when I wasn’t in a party and assumed green meant friend.

Just wanted to say welcome and that its awesome that you can play with your wife, hope you guys enjoy and thanks for reporting the bug

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i had that yesterday, a guy i was partied with named leastar became sora after we both teleported home. it corrected itself after we died. it did not show the green party text for sora’s nameplate leastar was walking back and forth in front of me trying to get my attention as sora asking if i was ready to continue the quest. I had no idea sora was leastar since we are complete strangers and i didn’t recognise the voice immediately

Honestly, it took me a good two minutes to figure out what was going on and we were physically in the same room and know each other’s voices well. I can’t even imagine being in your shoes.

This has happened to my buddy and me several times now, finally ‘caught’ it on my stream (he doesn’t stream).

You can see in this clip, he is ‘Evokaz’ a level 4 Runemage just before we get off the airship. Once we do, he has turned into a level 1 character named Brittany.

We’ve seen it happen in three locations: Leaving from the chef house in Highsteppe, transition from Highsteppe down (using the stairs/ramp near the Hunter quest guy), and now on the Airship.

Quite disorientating. From the POV of the person who was swapped, everything looks normal, although I don’t remember if I checked inventory or not… I just relogged to fix the issue.

P.S.: I have no idea why this clip has this weird URL.

Nice job, I was really kicking myself for not fleshing this out a bit more so I could file a better bug report.

Okay thanks I should have this fixed in the next patch.

was this fix included in 3.17?

Sorry no I meant the next major patch. That’s what I get for predicting the future haha. I’ll update this thread when it’s fixed.


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