Player Party and Bart Quest


I wanted to invite someone else into my party but since there is a limit of 5 I had to make some others I had invited before leave. However when trying to do this I couldn’t. It would ring a chime and then exit the menu as if I had made the person leave but coming back to it they were still in the party. I tried logging out and then the names of the people I had wanted to make leave were listed as “Unknown” and I still couldn’t make them leave. I ended up leaving the party and creating a new one.

Not sure if this is related but Bart keeps telling me about the chef and the King stag meat. But I already finished the quest, and in fact already finished the second one.


The first is some feature which is not implemented (and likely should?), we can’t kick but have to ask people to leave and if they logout forgetting to leave, the whole party needs to reform before the spot is free again. Which is pia if you are, for example, close to finishing a TM wing and need to reset the whole instance.
If they were “made to leave” it should work though, possibly they didn’t, usually everyone should leave for reform, then send a new invite, then it should work.

Can confirm the second bug with Bart, which is minor, you don’t get the quest again, so I ignored that dialogue.


On this are you referencing the “extended tutorial” where he says "Don’t forget to speak with Francis outside Chef Lethrow’s house in Highsteppe. He will be needing that King Stag meat very soon. " or is he repeating a different dialogue?


Yeah that:

"Don’t forget to speak with Francis outside Chef Lethrow’s house in Highsteppe. He will be needing that King Stag meat very soon. "
Even though I had already done that.

I think it went away. Although I think it was because I had another quest dialogue with him, when he gives the cape after rescuing Bishop Roma.


Okay ya, that is just a reminder for the tutorial so players don’t forget where the main story quest starts if they speak with Bart again before doing the Chef quests.


I am currently stuck on the first MSQ - Time to eat. I don’t know whats going on. I have had several people in game attempt to help to no avail. I am a level 6 musketeer so I have been playing with other groups off and on since launch on Oculus. I completed the tutorial on day 1 with Bart and the stag meat. While trying to talk to the chef (which didn’t work and still hasn’t to this moment) I talked to Francis outside. He then explained that I needed to go back to Bart to re-get the stag meat again. I did this and now Bart says to talk to Francis. Also it opened up the new MSQ- Time to Eat. Under that it says completed. Neither Francis or the chef are allowing me to talk to them to get the first quest from the chef. Please help. I don’t know if I did something out of order and it is now jacking it all up and something needs to be reset, but as of right now, I’m at a loss. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advanced


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