Playing the game

When is the game available to test? can anyone download and test or just kickstarter backers? I don’t make a lot of money but would love to help test.


From what I understand only Kickstarter backers will be able to test at the moment. There has been talk about open Alpha and Beta tests, but I don’t think the exact dates for those tests have been finalized yet. I’m sure they will be posted here and several other places as well. If you wanted to be involved with the game and the community as it develops then I would suggest just being active on the forums, checking out the subreddit (r/orbusvr) and joining the Discord server.

I hope that helps!


From the development blog:
“We anticipate entering the Closed Beta testing period in July 2017. We will also have one Open Alpha test toward the end of the Closed Alpha testing period.”

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Also Devs have stated they will most likely introduce other ways to get into the betas.