Playtest Feedback: Update Musketeer Actions

After trying out all the classes during the playtest, the musketeer was the least fun but most effective class when facing enemies.

The other classes have a very ‘physical’ feel to their attack, most weapons require 2 hands or lots of movement to kill enemies, but the musketeer can just hold out the gun and pull the trigger. The game play for the musketeer is not physical at all and feels out of place in a sword swinging, rune writing game.

Maybe remove default fire and make the player select the bullet every time or add a hammer cocking action or something similar required to prime it.

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Maybe something like a shotgun movement will be fun


I like that, though not sure how the art would look. Maybe a crossbow/slingshot looking combo?

It would be a similar movement (on top instead of below the muzzle) and it wouldn’t look out of place.

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