Please balance Warrior PVP


I have played countless matches and warrior is hopelessly underpowered in PvP battlegrounds. I believe that there are two things that could easily help:

  1. Let the warrior pre-charge combos just like the runemage can. Why can the runemage do more damage and also pre-charge his attacks without a target?

  2. Make the shield block all attacks that hit in front of the shield so that it actually works for pvp. Normally lag causes you to not actually know where the projectiles hit you so blocking them with the physical shield is impossible.

Could we get some warrior love in PvP?


This makes no sense. Why should warriors be able to pre-charge a combo? That is the most difficult part of PvP with the class. Getting that first combo off before someone teleports away (especially when they move a little and you have to restart) is difficult, and this shouldn’t be taken away.


yeah, the pre-charge thing wouldn’t make sense, but there are some issues that need to be fixed, primarily the fact that about 20% of the time you hit someone with a charged combo it does nothing, take your combo and doesn’t allow you to charge it again. this is really annoying especially considering how hard it is to get a combo of on a player who has just enough experience in pvp to know not to stand still.

also you don’t have to do the whole combo at once and start over if they move, that would make it basically useless. you can do one swing at a time. I usually get 2 first wound combo swings of first then next time I hop in I do two more, but if they’re a bit more experienced I have to do one swing at a time or predict when they’re gonna take a longer stop.

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I second some kind of buff for warrior in PvP, even 1v2-ing warriors with a paladin is insultingly simple and they really deserve some love together with shaman (for PvP).


I’m genuinely surprised that people are trying to make it work.


It’s like having a knife when everyone else has machine guns with foregrips and holosights. Sure you might sneak up on someone, yeah it “takes skill”. But 9.999 times out of 10 you are taking a bullet to the face and it’s frustrating and not fun.


I don’t understand why someone would consider warrior a PvP viable class. It’s so PvE centric in all things the class does. That’s what it was designed to excel at. Trying to balance around PvP seems futile and a waste of dev resources. Swapping to a paladin or another dps class would make more sense rather than attempting to shove a square peg through a round hole.


Warrior is very viable in PvP. They just need to correct the issue with a lot of attacks going through the shield.

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I don’t agree with this viewpoint because it implies that my class should not be able to successfully participate in a piece of the game. If that’s the viewpoint of developers, they should block warriors from participating in pvp entirely and then I would not complain as it would be clear to me from the beginning that they have no intention of allowing warriors to successfully participate. But please don’t sell me OrbusVR with PVP as a feature, open PVP to all classes, and then tell me that it should not be viable for my class.


If they corrected the shield, i’d be fairly happy. I don’t believe it’s enough but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.


The solution might actually be easier than we think without affecting PvE if warrior basic slash damage was buffed significantly (non-combo) into player characters only (and lower combo damage received by a bit or not at all), combos are sadly not going to be a thing unless either the warrior is very very good compared to the opponent. Combos would still exist to punish those that do not give it their all but would give warriors a line of life when going against other opponents. I would also make it so stun from shield bash and others completely depletes the stamina bar (so it has some significance in PvP), and would allow the warrior to better sticking to the target.


An interesting thought, but it would not work in practice because:

  • Every class has a different amount of interrupt/stuns.
  • The opening salvo of any ranger or scoundrel attack is one of them, along with the same from musketeers. This would make scoundrel even more OP as their opening attack would entirely remove the ability to even have the potential to jump away.

Sorry I forgot to specify my thoughts any strictly Stun abilities would deplete stamina, there are only a couple of them in the game, including warrior, paladin, shaman.

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warrior would be a very viable class in pvp if it worked
what needs fixed is sheild being useless and hit register

  1. anyone can just stick weapon through sheild. or aim at feet or head dependent on high and sheild location
  2. shield needs to protect against magic in PVP not just physical attacks
    protecting against only phisical makes sense in pve but in pvp almost every class main damage is magical. exsample.(poison arrows and obs, scoundrel cards, the entirety of bard mage and shaman)
  3. 40%-50% of my swings don’t register. if target is moving or teleporting away the sword will pass through them make the controller vibrate but won’t do damage. as poena said above
    4.if you manage to get the wound combo the above glich will likely happen where the hit only half registers. it will take the combo and wonnt do damage or let you recharge it.
  • random side note provoke healing is useless cause you cant do the combo enough to heal

warriors should deffinitly not be able to prechage combos cause that would remove all skill from the class

worst case scenario if riley can’t fix the hit detection thing than he definitely needs to make it so that sheild bash stops players from moving entirely for like 2-5 seconds to so warriors can do combos and and sword swings and actually have them register. but this would suck for everyone