Please Fix Raids, y'all

So, just had a very frustrating, and unfortunately common issue ruin a boss fight. We had Boss 4 (Citadel) down in red health, last phase, when out of nowhere, he leashes, putting him back to full.

I don’t do Citadel very often, and yet this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this happen. It’s incredible frustrating to be so close to winning, when a bug you can’t do anything about resets your progress.

You guys really have to fix this


Thank you for reporting it. We’re sorry for the frustration, I understand how frustrating an issue like that can feel.

We’ve attempted a few different fixes on that problem before, but have been unable to reproduce it so it can be difficult to pinpoint what might be causing it. Do you recall anything out of the ordinary during the boss fight, like someone disconnecting or a tank being desynced during the fight?
Also, how many people were in the portal and did a tank go inside?

We “fixed” the bug by never having the main aggro player go to hell.

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Unless your talking about the boss leashing when its close to the pillar trying to run past it. Then you “fix” that one by not bringing the boss close to a pillar :sweat_smile:. But that is a general pathing bug for all enemies in game.

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If the boss was in red health, it means it must’ve been after hell I assume, in which case it is this. Doing World Bosses yesterday they seemed to trip and leash over a lot of the rocks/ spears/ etc in places for tressus/ chaos guy. Maybe there is something other than pillars that will also leash him in that room?

Main tank died, and instead of agro going to the offtank, it just leashed

Ooh that sounds like who-ever had aggro secondly might have been on a leashing point for the boss? :thinking:

That sounds like you had a DPS as your second highest aggressor, And they were standing in a leash spot.

Only “fix” for that, That I could recommend is to put everyone in a place where it has absolutely no chance of doing that.

Everyone was right where you exit the portal. We hadn’t moved.

yup its when the tank with agro goes into the portal

It was after we were back out and already fighting the boss.

You can sometimes prevent that by having the second tank engage the boss as soon as they are out of hell (assuming you are using the 2-tanks on the boss strat).

If your second tank was only handling adds, they were never going to have the boss agro on them in the first place.

They both should have had agro, that’s the whole issue.

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why don’t the devs do some run throughs with players in game to see how it runs in real time? I feel like most of the tests done in their test server doesnt reproduce any of the glitches and de-syncs that cause majority of these problems.


Non hell tank got agro back fine, but I couldn’t get agro back off them (they were just ground pounding, no it wasn’t due to an agro fight). They died from sickness then leash happened. It’s like the game didn’t recognise I existed. After leash I could agro the boss easily and get healed etc without relogging or dying

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While we’re at it can the devs attempt hard mode boss 4. I want to see how they envisioned it being beaten haha


/sethealth sePHopet 0


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