Please get rid of the menu system to enter the dungeons

Currently there is one entrance to all the dungeons and you use a menu that pops up when you walk close to the entrance to select which dungeon you want to enter.
This doesn’t work very well and it breaks the immersion a bit.

Instead you should do something similar to how tradu mines was, you enter one portal and get into a room with multiple dungeon entrances. Doesn’t have to be massive like tradu was, just having something the size of the inside of the tree would be enough to fit at least 4 dungeons.


I definitely don’t think this is the way it is going to be when reborn actually releases. I think that only the Lich King’s Crypt will be there, because it’s actually meant to be under highsteppe. Still good to confirm with the devs that it is only for the beta though… right devs?

I’d imagine the sewer is also underneath highsteppe and some of the dungeons coming on release might be too, but yeah, this was mostly to get a confirmation and come with some suggestions in case they are actually planning on having some dungeons accessible through a menu.

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yeah i hope all of the dungeons arent located in highsteppe. one of the fun things about the old game was having to travel between zones to find the different dungeons, and having every dungeon in Highsteppe makes the world seem much more barren and empty. I think thematically it doesnt make much sense either, as it doesnt make much sense for not only 1, but 3 monster filled dungeons to be under a town, let alone a massive fly airship.
It makes sense for the sewer dungeon to be underneith highsteppe, and mabye the crypt as well, but thats already getting crowded, but the rest should be in other places.

Broken halls could be located anywhere in the side of a cliff or cave, and the airship could also be anywhere, other than underneith highsteppe

i also really disliked having to slam my head into a portal, just to back out and have to use a menu


If I remembered correctly, they were planning to do all dungeons in Highsteppe because they want to keep everything central in terms of end content. But that is just a memory :man_shrugging: such a specific thing is a bit hard to find back in a blog post/forum post.

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Yeah pls put the dungeons all over the world, I like to travel (teleport xD) to a dungeon, and not only hit a button and you are there, but I hope that’s just a current thing.
But that brings me to another point, are there no villages or houses in the whole world? Like wenderwood and so on? I mean yeah these are kinda only decoration but in reborn it’s just highsteppe and nothing else :woman_shrugging:


Urgh that would be horrible, useless big world only for the quests and then never see the world outside highsteppe anymore :rofl:

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I dont. Running to the raid was just a waste of time… And it would be even worse if ppl couldn’t skip 3/4 of the distance by running under the world.

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I agree on the raid, and I will never get why there was not a teleport stone there :rofl:

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with the amount of teleport stones there are in reborn there isn’t really anywhere they could put something that you’d have to run far to get to

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Lol people are very different… that was one of the things which sucked MOST with limited playtime, first it took half an hour or more to build a group via lfg and then you idle at the entrance until finally the last guy arrives and half the evening is over before doing anything. Such a major waste of time sorry. Finding dungeons for the first time might be fun but after the 50s time of Maeo not so much… don’t miss that, at all and as others noted, raids were worse.

PS: And even with a port stone ‘somewhat’ close the shard system which requires you to port back to the player house all the time, this took up way too much time; shard farming in old-orbus-tradu was quite a painful endeavour, as well.

+1 for having dungeon enterances located in their appropriate zones which you need to travel to. I find this to be more immersive and assumed the dungeons all being in one location during the beta was to expedite testing.


-1 to having dungeons split across the world. It’s so much better and more convenient to have them in one place. It especially doesn’t make sense to split them around the world when you can enter them randomly from anywhere via the queue.
+1 to having a separate ‘room’ under the tree, though. You could expand this room as much as needed to add more dungeons and raids.


I’m a bit split on having dungeons all over the world and not all in highsteppe, I think a good middle-ground would be to have them in small groups split across the world, so maybe 3 dungeons in highsteppe, 2 together somewhere in lamavora, etc. and also making sure there is a teleportation pillar right next to the entrance.

Even if the devs want all the dungeons to remain in Highsteppe, at least give them separate entrances within Highsteppe. The shared portal is really un-immersive, annoying to use, and lessens the sense of adventure. Something Like:
Crypt - Tree Entrance
Sewers - Accessed by opening a sewer grate in Highsteppe
Airship - Entrance where players actually board the airship which is docked in Highsteppe
Halls - Entrance in an abandoned cathedral/building within Highsteppe


I would prefer them all in the same location with different entrances.

If there is already a queue to auto teleport to them with a complete group, then why also force them to be all in the same location? Sounds like you can keep both people happy, those who want to enter right away and not wait can use the Queue mechanic, those that like to travel to the dungeons can walk or ride.

The teleport queue does not allow to join specific dungeons afais, so as long as this is not added a custom or guild group will always have to enter via portal.

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Ahh, it would need to do that in order to satisfy both. Groups should be able to queue specifically and quickly.

I guess what bothers me about having them all in one place aside from continuity issues (where IS the broken hall for example? where can I go see it in the world?), is that it may affect the social aspect of the game. I would be concerned about the world being too ‘small’ in late game; as max level players would end up all being in one spot and not really out in the world anymore aside from resource gathering. The social aspect of lower level and veteran players could suffer, especially as the world grows and more hubs are added, players in other hubs and cities would barely ever run into a veteran player to ask questions or interact with them as they’d be in giant cluster standing around in highsteppe all the time.

That being said, I still think a solid instant travel queue system is important to make this work, you can’t force players to have to walk all over the place for a quick dungeon/raid run.