Please help, The Archives quest


Im on the quest where it says there is a hidden door on the side of the building to get into the archives… I found the sewer entrance… but no door, spent 30 min checking the walls inside and out of that entire island on the building, super frustrated and I had to stop playing. Im betting its something easy, but I seriously can’t find this secret door. Can anyone please help?


That’s the one, just grab it like a normal door.


Lmao… *sigh, When I first found it I opened it all the way, stood on top,walked around on it, nothing. Cheched the entire building, couldn’t find anything…
Just went back… opened the sewer entrance and I teleported me in… lmao, I knew it was something easy. Thank you! So much, just finished that part of the quest :slight_smile:
Really appreciate the reply, thank you again :slight_smile:

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