Please increase the size of the musket projectile

like the title says please increase the musket projectiles size both visibly and physically

physically increase it’s size to be about the size of a players torso. hitting a moving player with the teleport movement is hard enough that missing shots that sailed right through the players head is extra infuriating

visibly make it larger because it looks like we’re shooting nerf darts. twice the size for regular shots and 3-4 times for orb shots would be nice

for pvp i have no input i have little to no intent on doing pvp and if i did it wouldn’t be as a squishy support class

The orbs are freaking huge lol. The bullets can get an increase in size Imo. and the hit box maybe needs some tweaking

The orbs have splash, pretty sure you don’t need to hit the player directly. It also helps if you coordinate with your team- having your teammates not dodge your shots as they teleport is part of the game.

Don’t aim for the players, aim for the ground. You’ll still hit them and there’s less chance of missing.

Players teleporting out of the way has been an issue since Alpha. That is why other players can see where you’re teleporting to. You still have to either be really quick, or get the other player to hold still for a second while you shoot them.

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free locomotion players still appear to teleport without a blue guideline though. i know the latest patch is supposed to have reduced the snapping but it’s still pretty awkward.

orb splash is fine for heals but i’m not convinced weakness is an AoE and having orbs slip through a wasps face instead of hitting was what annoyed me enough to post this thread

I’m pretty sure I’ve managed to cast weakness on two mobs at once by hitting the ground where they were (about 2 foot in front of me).

That sounds like the wasp’s hitbox needs adjusting.

Hitting a moving target will always be difficult. Try to use the healing well if you can as it leaves a huge indicator for the player. At the end of the day, if the player refuses to let you heal them, let them die. It’s certainly not for lack of trying on your part.

everyone of the orbs are splash damage except for life well which is a ground rune

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