PLEASE, move the start mobs in sewer(yes, asking again)

On alert shards you can EASILY get stuck in a death-pull loop costing the party a lot of time. Just now we spent 5-10 min dealing with that and it should be easy to fix by just moving the packs back a little, like this:
Image 1537


Yeah this was a horrible start to the shard

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Ya, accidently goofing up 1 time on an alert = easy death loop.

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Hey i dont know if this is well known information, but all you have to do is drink a masked scent potion on alert shards, i didnt even know that was a thing until i sold over 400 in 4 weeks and i started asking what people were buying so many for =) hope this helps!

masked scent potion works, but that shouldn’t be a requirement for avoiding a massive time loss at the start.

I’ll ping the team to take a look at this one. How much further do they need to be pushed so they don’t aggro, about like in that picture?


The amount shown in the picture would be enough I believe.

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I talked to the team and we should have a fix for it in the next major client patch.


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