Pls delete my double quest from Mikka


Pls delete my quest “Returning Home” from Mikka. I had it two times. And for one i got my xp and the other one is still there.


Me too lol 20 my dude


Yep, same here as well, I would like mine removed as well.


let me know one of your IGN and ill look at it tommorow and get a patch in for everyone.



twenty chars


Hey, there will still no changes @Robert


Yes it should be fixed with the next patch.


It is fixed!


Sorry wrong. it’s still there.


Did you return to Mikka and try turning in the quest, instead of clearing it one by one out of everyone’s journal I just added the quest back in so that it can be turned in.


Sorry, no chance to do anything at mikka. no reaction for a wave.


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