[Poll] Rangers, are you using your trap at all?

So yeah, are you rangers ever using your traps?
I never use it because its awkward to throw and doesn’t really seem to help that much.
How about you guys?

I am not using my traps because they are too ineffective… Only in group pulls in dungeon and even then they fail a lot because of the tiny hitbox.

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I agree, I think they should be easier to throw and a slightly bigger hitbox on em…Honestly I thought it was a throwing star at first…

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Haha! Yeah, Ive seen multiple people asking for how to use the shuriken/throwing star :smiley:

I don`t use it either as Sulon mentioned, the hitbox seems to be way to small.
So i have two suggestions:

  1. Increase the hitbox.
  2. Perhaps it could be an idea to shoot the trap somewhat like an arrow.

Edit: A list of suggestions from playing with newer players J11 already had the same idea.

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While shooting the trap would work I think it would just degrade it to some new type of arrow. Maybe it could behave similar to the musketeers turret. Say u shoot it and it spreads the shot that hit it… but I wonder if this would even work with the buggy throwing mechanic :confused:

I think it should take at least 2 steps to set up a trap, it should last long and can’t be used on bosses. It should be larger kind of like the traps in WoW too. would be more immersive and bigger impact


The trap is super useful if you’re solo, especially if you’re grinding in a zone higher level than you, i can’t count how many times i used it from the headstart to lv20.
At lv20 it’s useless for me, especially In a lv20 party since we can destroy everything and if a stun is needed, the mages will polymorph before engage.
I never had a problem with the hitbox, the trap is very tiny so is just normal that the hitbox is tiny as well (actually the hitbox is even a bit bigger than the trap, so can’t really complain), just make sure you and your target are on line with the trap and it will never fail.
The throw is a bit tricky at the start, but as you practice and throw it many times you will find how to throw it wherever you want.

Using it when getting unexpected add or mob respawned behind/on me. I just start running from mob throwing the trap at my feet. Always works, so I can gain some distance and kill him safely.

Nahh don’t use it it’s pants but Ben_p has a good idea I might try that if I remember to throw it before I die :smiley:

How does the trap actually work?

I tried it on some enemies last night and couldn’t get it to slow anything down, it seems to hang in midair and then just disappear?

are you a musketeer?

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No, definitely a ranger (bow + arrow.)

I think I may be going wrong as I’m trying to lay it down as a trap before the mob comes toward me. Should I be throwing it on the mob?


The hunter trap getting stuck in midair is an issue we have been tracking, but have not been able to reproduce consistently. Any additional information you could provide such as which headset you are using, which enemies you are fighting and the zone you are experiencing this issue in most frequently would be helpful. Thanks!

I have had the star stop in the air on Rift. Cant remember what i was fighting though sorry!

As for the thread of the title. I find it absolutely useless. Low damage, stun is like .00001 seconds long i swear. Just generally not worth the energy to throw.

Needs a buff imo.

I even have problems just throwing it. It will end up back on my shoulder about 70% of my attempts to throw it. Laying it slowly on the ground works, but I was always under the impression that we should throw it

I feel like it pointless. It’s suppose to root the enemies right? I’ll throw it down it maybe roots the monsters I really don’t need it for. And when it does work if you hit them once they immediately break free…


The trap is for long duration crowd control, but breaks on damage (think hunter freeze trap if you played WoW). In dungeons and areas where the enemies always attack in groups it’s super useful. Put down trap -> pull group of enemies over it -> one of them gets rooted -> pull the other 3 past the trap then fight.


I was only using it in terms of 1v1 or 1v2 combat, makes since. Prob good for dung to deal with mobs

It works fine as a CC and really helps greatly to keep a monster out of a fight, maybe group up with Andrew and see how he uses it.