Polymorph + Turret = Death


This has only happened once.

My turret decided to hit a polymorphed target. Mage re-polymorphed and it broke it again. :open_mouth:

I was grouped with a mage, fighting an Elk and a spirit, close to what looked like a burned down house, close to some plains area? It was really grassy. Not sure exactly where we were.

I’m level 13. The elk was a 5-Star and the spirit was a red 4-Star.


Sounds like you were in the Lucian Plains. Have you entered the Zone from the desert or the Bridge between Wenderwood and the Orchard?

And I think that isn´t a bug. It´s just someting that should be changed so that the turret knows when a mob is trapped by a Ranger or polymorphed by a Mage

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I’ve never encountered it happening before. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Until it is fixed shoot your turret or switch it to healing mode if your group is going to use polymorph.

It hasn’t happened again, which leads me to the conclusion that it was a very rare bug. Maybe it only happens to that mob in that location. Dunno.

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