Portable stalls

Main town stalls are all fine and dandy but what about us who can’t afford a fancy stalled to sell things for us automatically can we get like a rug where we can sit down and show our Goods without having to yell at what we got?
It would help make the economy a little bit more realistic and help new merchants get a foothold
Maybe for these rugs you can have a few spots in towns where people can buy them for 10 dramper irl houre with a 30 minute cool down so people can’t just constantly by it over and over

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That would fill up empty space on the road :slight_smile:

This is an excellent idea!

hypothetical problem 1

  • Market stalls could be left there for players who do not log back on causing trash stalls everywhere.

hypothetical solution 1

  • Expire market stalls after 30 days in the given area.

hypothetical problem 2

  • Too many market stalls in one area might cause issues with movement paths

hypothetical solution 2

  • Ensure that stalls do not block movement paths or stop people from getting from a to b.

Witch is y we could only rent them in preconceived areas just like the Stalls only this time instead of them being rented out for a long time there for short periods of time and at a very low cost including a cooldown timer so that everyone can use it and no one can just Spam buy it this way everyone can use it everyone can be in the market and it can be a little bit more realistic
I do like the idea of independently placed rugs as well especially since Shard can only have so many people in it before it hits the soft cap of about 20 some odd people in each

How bout we get one of the inventory tabs as a (I want to trade this tab)
Then when in passing someone can click our name (Where we invite to party or add friend)
And view stuff we want to trade off and what we want for it in Dram :slight_smile:

Then its more a passive thing right… And no bodyblocking stalls

rugs are a super cool idea. I wonder what @Riley_D thinks.

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